Date: 25th January 2007 at 3:39pm
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Martin O’Neill has clarified the situation regarding Milan Baros‘ claim that Shaun Wright-Phillips didn’t want to come to Villa Park.

The Villa boss said that a Baros / SWP swap LOAN deal was on the cards and that the Chelsea winger was interested.

During this afternoons press conference (click here he said:

‘What happened was we obviously had shown an interest in Shaun Wright-Phillips and the fact we had made a bid at that particularly stage. I’m sure Shaun Wright-Phillips sees his future at Chelsea, that’s fine, I’ve got absolutely no problem with that. This was actually just to do with a loan. I think Shaun Wright-Phillips wanted to come on loan until the end of the season, so he could have a look at things.’

‘We would then send Milan on loan in reverse, but that never materialised. It was never a permanent deal, it was always going to be a loan. Had Chelsea been interested in taking Milan permanently I would have been listening to hear what they had to say. But it was only a loan and it disappeared almost as quickly as it materialised really and there was very little in it.’

Bit different to Baros’ claims that SWP spoilt his move to Chelsea isn’t it?!


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  • OMG how much of a knob does Baros look now!! Cant understand only wanting SWP on loan though, maybe O’neill did not rate him in the £10m bracket???

  • He said he wanted to come on loan til the end of the season so he could take a look at things. Presumably that means that a permanent deal may have followed.

  • I think this indicates that SWP wanted to come on loan BEFORE signing permanently to see what Villa were about ….. or am I having a senior moment again??

  • As for SWP, if we could, we should get him on loan until the end of the season, MON seems to be quite the talisman in the transfer window !!!!!!!!! Or maybe Merlin.

  • What about getting SWP on loan and putting him on the bench till the end of the season as he seems to love it on Chelseas. 😉

  • i missed it to.
    we should still get SWP here on loan. i bet Milan Crapos is a bit red faced now the tw*t

  • The way I read it, and this may not be right, is that if Chelsea had taken Baros on loan till the end of the season then we could have got SWP in the same manner. But as Chelsea didn’t want to take Baros (and who can blame them!) then maybe Chelsea won’t let SWP on loan unless they get someone in to make up the numbers? So maybe if Chelsea bolster their team in some way then SWP can come to us till the end of the season? Who knows?

  • I think Chelsea didn’t want the lil’ guy going out on loan because they would have rather sold him; and I don’t think MOL fancied that idea, seeing as how little impact he’s made there.

    Anyway, if we had him here at Villa, I’d worry about Hendrie picking on him all the time and stealing his lunch money.

  • the real question is – why the hell did chelsea want baros? they’ve got drogba, currently most proficient striker on gods green earth and shevchenko looks like he’s finding his boots. why would they want baros, who cant score in a house filled with loose women who charge you a reasonable price for services of an adult variety? it makes as much sense as paying to see the blues! he’s lied about SWP, he probably lied about this to. mourinho wasn’t tapping him up in the tunnel, he was telling him that he was considering that he was going to grow his hair and wanted to know if milan could recommend a boutique that specialises in hair bands. and thats a fact.!!

  • I think Villa could have done well with a player like SWP in your team, with Milan Baros going the other way it would be SWP on the right, Ashely Young on the left with Agbonlahor and Carew up front. Attacking, Villa would do well, probably scoring more goals, but at the same time i reckon you will concede more because the wingers aren’t well know for their defensive qualities and tracking back to help out the full backs, similar to Spurs. Spurs score plenty of goals but also concede plenty of goals, we have kept 1 clean sheet in the last 20 games!!!

  • It has always been my view that SWP thinks his future is at Chelsea and doesn’t want to be sold to anyone and that to me seems what MON is saying. I am not saying that Chelsea wouldn’t have preferred selling him though and if he had come here on loan he might not have changed his mind and decided to stay. However, I can’t see SWP coming now on loan as Chelsea seem unlikely to bring someone in to replace him and unless that happens I can’t see him going anywhere. There’s always the summer though.

  • Come on now,is this real,am i dreaming ??? If we can get SWP even for 6 months then we must back Randy with attendances – Young,Gabby,Carew.SWP – We`ll be going from one of the slowest teams in Prem to a team of Rapido`s.

  • OAL – you have already been put in your place by fans on here. Why are you back for more? If you had any knowledge it wouldn’t be so bad. We don’t care about any many goals you have conceded (however having the most overrated keeper in football may have something to do with that). As for Ashley Young playing on the left for Villa, I think you will find a certain Gareth Barry playing there. Whilst I am on the subject of overated, Lennon isn’t a patch on Agbonlahor, who has only got his recognition on the back of playing in front of the London media. Have a look at Lennons record as a goalscorer/provider this season from wide right and compare that to Agbonlahors. Gabi has 6 goals from 28 games, Lennon 3 from 23 games. Not only that Gabi gets his goals against good teams (Redscouse, Chelski, Manure this season). The lion is awake and hungry. It is only looking at the cockrel as an appettiser, prior to the main course.

  • VOTH – You are putting some good posts in today mate, and i can’t help but agr….no i can’t quite bring myself to say it 😉

  • VOTH: let’s hope the new signings (and hopefully MON hasn’t finished yet) will go some way towards doing that. If it doesn’t well, I just don’t know what the answer is. I just hope that continued success will bring the missing thousands of them back eventually. Just as long as they don’t bleeding stand in front of me 5 mins before half time to go for a….oops, sorry, there I go again on MY favourite whinge!!!

  • VOTH – Hopefully with the good things the club is doing both on and off the field it will attract as ive said before a whole new set of supporters.

  • MON states -“I think Shaun Wright-Phillips wanted to come on loan until the end of the season, so he could have a look at things.” So why don’t we go for that again – either for the loan option or an 18-month contract?

  • VOTH, don’t be too hard on OAL. Since Mr Fear told him to F*** ff his latest post on this thread was constructive and reasonable; rubbish but reasonable! So more for OAL’s education I would expect MON’s midfield to be ? SWP right, McCann or Petrov centre with Barry left. Forwards from Young or Gabby (wide left/right), Carew or Moore (centre). Any other suggestions?

  • well if you got SWP, and martin o’neill wanted to accomadate Barry in left mid, that means one of your new signings wont start. And anyway i’m sure Gareth Barry is comfortable at left back!!!

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