Date: 10th August 2006 at 3:56pm
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Just seen this on Damian’s Villa Blog: Click Here

Totally agree with what Damian says. These rumours are total rubbish.

It seems to me that there is a whisper campaign being started to cast doubts on the potential in-coming bid from Randy Lerner. I say potential because nothing is sure until it is announced to the stock exchange.

That also goes for AV06 who some reports suggest haven’t even spoken or approached Rothschild’s yet or Michael Neville who is talking about upping a bid that, as I understand it, hasn’t yet been made.

Confusing times at Villa. Like everyone else, I want to see the best group get Villa and develop it into the club it should be, but all this talk to the press is cheap, it is pounds, shillings and pence that speak the loudest. You want action in the boardroom, bids to Rothschilds then a charm offensive to let the shareholders and fans what the plans are. The ones not commenting, in my humble opinion, are the ones that are being taken seriously.

The rumour being put about – and I have no clue as to who is doing it – is that Villa will be merged with Birmingham City or even Birmingham and West Bromwich Albion. The ultimate aim would be to develop a super casino.

I’m sorry, but no businessman in their right mind would even think about doing such a merger because lets face it, if the clubs were merged, they would end up with exactly NO fans at all. You also have to say that is a businessman wanted a super casino in Birmingham, he wouldn’t have to buy a football club in order to attempt it. If it was tied in with a club, as the Blues attempted to do, it would make sense and could be a great money spinner (gerrit?) but lets leave the talk of club mergers where it belongs, in the bullsh*t pile.


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  • I thought we’d established on here that Birmingham have NOT been granted a license for a super casino anyway so this is all rubbish. Is he going to merge the 3 clubs and then move us to Skegness? (where I believe Skeggy said they have applied for a lice

  • I can’t beleive you are giving airtime to the villa blog – easily the worst and least reliable villa web site. the things they do to get hits !

  • Totally agree with qKing. That website is possbily the worst I have ever read. It’s just a vehicle for that ‘Damian’ (the Devils Son) to spout his crap. I don’t actually recall ever seeing any news on it.
    The article you are referring to is just him spec

  • Westbirming Villa has a nice ring to it dont ya think?Wot a load of balls.But a new one on the grape vine is that from her divorce settlement Lady heather mills mccartney is launhing a bid to buy the club.Rothschild say that its highly unlikely and doesnt

  • This is the problem when nothing is happening – rumours and more idiotic talk. I’d just wish someone put a formal bid in or announce once and for that they are not interested. Let us know where we stand for Christ sake!

  • I’m not sure they are totally rubbish, simply because any sane and future looking owner would know that the move to a bigger purpose built multi use, and multi filled stadia is a must.
    OK its not ideal, who wants to share a stadium with Blues, but a new

  • To be fair, Damian didn’t make up the rumour, I’ve had it said to me from two different places as well. Definitely not an attempt at self promotion. LOL sk1nner80, I’d better not go into the other Heather Mills joke!

    Interesting as ever avfc48,

  • A multi purpose stadium would be appealing to a businessman who had no passion for either the game or the club he/she owns. I, for one would hate the idea, but can see the positives in owning the complex. Don’t forget, sport and especially sports stadia i

  • To me it’s such a ridiculous rumour, it shouldn’t even be on here. That just spreads the rumour further and detracts from all the genuinely exciting things happening around Villa at the moment.

  • This is what rumours are all about, this article is not helping as it is a form of spreading the rumours, the problem is while nothing is happening no has anything to write about so they make it up.

  • Not such a ridiculous rumour when you concider that the Blue Noses were talking about the same thing a couple of seasons back, a stadium to be built at Saltley. Personally I think the strenth of feeling between Villa and the Noses is too strong but I do

  • Still ridiculous. It’s been considered by loads of clubs who are in the same city but it’s not going to happen here in the near future so let’s not worry about it now.

  • Every day i scour the internet (when i should be working!) hoping to see something that will allow me to tell all the Man U fans i work with that were coming to get them!. the last thing we need with all this speculation afoot is to dedicate time to this

  • They just want the hits lads, dont give them the satisfaction. Good luck this year. skegmiesters a legend

  • All things considered, it does appear that Randy has few friends amongs the rival bidders. I guess the old adage comes into play here, throw enough mud, some of it will stick.

  • I look on the star sports website for information on premiership matches being shown in asia and on there is a opinion poll asking if the birmingham clubs should be merged. I hope to god they never are.

    Wolves have a supporting club of whingers, pleas

  • I have a question for Mr Fear if possible ..

    It has all gone a wee bit quiet on the takeover front this week after the appointment of Martin O,neill.
    I know you can not give any specifics, but do you still have your champagne on ice to welcome a new o

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