Date: 7th June 2009 at 6:38pm
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AVFC – Politics & No Comment?

The past 72 hours have been eventful to say the least. There has been outcry, emotion, frustrations, concerns, optimism, speculation – I mean what hasn’t there been??! But why have the football club made NO official comment since Barry’s sale? I must admit I haven’t browsed the General thread, but at a time when there needs to be a bit of unity and renewed optimism, why are we getting the silent treatment from the club?

We are lead to believe MON is on holiday? The club knows that there are questions to be we want answered – Mr Barry himself knew that there would be impending questions from fans regarding his transfer and at least we did get a response from him (although it being a shoddy one) in the from of a letter (although this wasn’t through official channels). Why did Gareth choose to write to the Mail to broadcast his reasons. Would the club have published Gareth’s comments if asked to by him?

You may think that I’m reading between the lines a bit too much but you must admit there are some strange goings on. I feel the club need to communicate something soon, or questions will start about ambition and the rags may even start reporting ‘crisis at villa’ articles. What we do know is that the club did everything in its power to hold onto Barry, but with more of our lot being link with the richer lot, we don’t seem to be wanting to dismiss this damning speculation. Either way, good or bad news, I’d rather hear it from the club 1st, and not tomorrows loo roll. No spin, no bullshit (like that daft transfer speculation the OS normally runs around this time of year) just pure factual information….

…. I don’t know what’s easier to understand nowadays – our football club or politics….?? One thing is certain though – we need a lift in both these aspects of our lives – and it’s up to the club to somehow provide this…..


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  • it would be pretty funny after all of this it was a prank or something by Man City and none of the villa players never new about the sale, aswell as MON, Lerner, and Barry. Sadly tht won’t happen

  • I think we will hear from Martin O’Neill soon. I admit I have needed a break away from Villa too because of the long season we have had so I’m sure MON must have been relieved when one of our longest seasons ended. He’ll be back soon though and I’m sure he has his men working on transfer deals whilst he is away on holiday. Yes Barry has gone but lets remember we got £12 Million for him. That will hopefully get us David Bentley and pay for all or if not most of Micheal Owen’s signing on fee. A new dawn is setting at Aston Villa and I’m sure success is just around the corner.

  • MON works in mysterious ways. He’s probably cooking up a deal or two to spring on us before he comments on Barry. Kaka’s move to Real hasn’t gone through yet…is MON holidaying in Milan by any chance ?

  • I honestly believe that Barry leaving (although he’s a decent footballer) is a real blessing in disguise. Whilst he is very composed on the ball, which is always a useful asset, he is not what we need in our team. Petrov, in my opinion is more than capable of filling Barry’s boots. He was easily our best and most consistant player last season, as proven by the vote. Now what i’m saying is we need (and have for some time) a goalscoring midfielder. Petrov has really settled into the holding roll, so by Barry leaving means an opportunity to get someone in who can get forward ‘quicker’ and chip in with a few vital goals, a little like Cahill does for Everton. I just hope MON agree’s and goes out and buys the right man.

  • I’m not sure why we need a statement from the club. Barry has chosen to move to Man City. We were offered a great deal for him, given he could walk for free next summer. There is no point keeping players who do not want to stay. I can see for myself what has happened here, and why it happened. What else is there to say, really?

  • BobThe Builder says it all i.m.o. We get fidgety these days when there’s no reaction. Are we insecure or something?!

  • I too find it totally bizarre, its almost as though the club is closed for a few weeks or something.

  • Im with BobTheBuilder, its happened and lets get over it! Who’s gonna begrudge MON a few days to himself after 10months plus in the goldfish bowl?

  • “its almost as though the club is closed for a few weeks or something”. Erm, it’s called holidays, YJ! :o)

  • lol Kiwi…! Must admit I’m not sure what statement the club could make, Barry has gone, simple as that. He was offered a good contract, he chose to move on with his career and after 12 years I can’t say I blame him that much, Man City might have a good chance of CL football next year with the money they have behind them and it looks like he didn’t always see eye to eye with MON.

  • I agree with BTB and Fear. What exactly should “the club” say?? It is MON who speaks for the club and he is on holiday. Can’t fault him for that – Ferguson does the same every year…. I hope Martin is on a beach somewhere with his missus enjoying a nice frozen cocktail….
    The only positive thing that MON could realistically say is “good luck.” He’ s too smart to come out with some Redknapp-esque garbage comment about how the money will be used bla bla bla. While wishing him good luck he could tell Barry that he has been a royal pain in the arsenal for fifteen months with all his on/off/on talk and that he lied to the fans when he said he would only leave for CL football – all that AFTER he has had his England career resurrected and been given the club captaincy by MON. Oh, and of course he could say “ha ha ha” to Rafa who didn’t get him on the cheap using back-handed methods……

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