Date: 5th July 2006 at 12:33pm
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German Bundesliga side Hamburg SV have made an official ‘preliminary approach’ for Czech International Milan Baros.

A figure believed to be around the £8million mark has been tabled, which I’m sure Doug Ellis will be rubbing his hands about.

However, it is believed, according to Milan’s agent that he has no intention on quitting Villa, and I for one couldn’t see how Hamburg SV is a forward step for him at all.

Baros is set for talks with manager David O`leary next week and a decision should probably be made then.

Whilst £8million is nice, and I dare say a proportion (say, £2million) would be available to O`leary to purchase a few more Leeds players, I can’t see how we can call ourselves a forward thinking and forward planning club if we sell one of our best assets?


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  • Totally predictable. No shock here.

    Do Villa call themselves a forward thinking and forward planning club? In the Prem Villa are now non-entities. Cannon-fodder for the big 6. Using Rodney marshes description of the Premiership being comprised of thre

  • I just do not get it with Villa.

    A magnificent (albeit dusty) history, a fantastic football ground – and I mean ground not some shiny souless bowl of a stadium. At the centre of this nations second biggest conurbation and in fact with NO premiers

  • This is the first piece of forward planning we have seen from Villa but as usual it’s gone wrong. In my opinion Baros was signed with the hope that he had a good World Cup and we could make a quick profit. Sadly for Doug he didn’t so now he’s in the posit

  • Ive seen enough bad performances from Baros this season to make me think that we should cash in on him, although of course theres little point if the money is not going to be reinvested in the team. Greyhound, you really are preaching to the converted as

  • I can understand the need to see your team play but under the current regime maybe more fans should boycott the home matches and go to some of the away games instead? With a flag saying ‘Away support boyott only. Thats ASBO

    So there we have it, I’v

  • Can’t see Baros wanting to move to Hamburg. Germany is a backwater league, unless you’re playing for Munich. 8m isn’t too bad as an investment considering we paid 6.5 for him last season. About 20% profit in a year. Doug will be booking a flight on EasyJe

  • If, as his agent insists, Baros is not in a hell-fire hurry to quit Villa Park, then hopefully that will be the end of the story. I’m more than happy to see him remain at the club, at least for another season, by the end of which time we may be able to ga

  • Hamburg are playing in the champions league next season so it would be a forward move for baros but we will be hard pushed to replace him as he is a top quality striker which are very hard to find.
    Cant believe we have him and are going to let him go…

  • Not sure if £8m is a bit of a risky price to pay for someone that is a bit injury prone. Great player and if fully fit then worth every penny. You’d be a better club if he stayed fore shore.

  • hey deemz u have a valid point about hamburg playing in champions league next year and they also got van der caart an dmany otha star players, however u should believe we had him cuz he scored twice against the blues , and u should believe we are going

  • Think he is only denying wanting to go cause he is looking for a more attractive club to come in for him,but if that dont happen he will go to them last minute like he did leaving liverpool for us.Good move for him if he is wanting to play at top level.Ju

  • Really hope that we do all we can to keep him, or if he has to go then for no less than £12.5m…Can live in hope!

  • Not going to get 12.5 million for him and he has plenty of time to play for Hamburg, the sort of place to go when you are 30. How about a bit of home booing for Uncle Doug and DOL.

  • I think, if a big club comes in for him, his resolve to stay with Villa will faulter. I know Hamburg are polaying CL football next year but come on, it would only ever be a stepping stone so why completely uproot your life for what will probably be just

  • You will not buy a striker of equivalent or better talent with the same cash so there is no point. The sad thing is I dont really care anyway as I am that disolusioned at Villa after years of torture. Sell him, buy that american defender, lets get relegat

  • he might quit bu he aint gd enough 2 go 2 a different affence 2 villa u a gr8 team bu he aint tha gd

  • if he goes then wev got abby, luke n angel. the 1st 2 are too young to make a huge impact and angels past his best. we will then hav 8mill, would we be able 2 buy a striker as gd as baros 4 that much? i certainly cant think of any. he may use the money 4

  • Theres a lot of top notch coaches across this wide and wonderful world of ours who’d disagree with your opinion on Baros’ merits, swanz_gal_05.

  • Baros is a world class striker. he has his faults and he can be frustrating at times, but fully fit and with some decent service, he could be a 20 goal a season striker.

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