Date: 3rd June 2008 at 10:45am
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According to the press today, Gareth Barry wants a quick decision over his future.

Ok, here is a quick decision, you are contracted to Aston Villa and you can’t leave.

Cool. Sorted.


He has been quoted, whilst away on England duty – yes, take note, he has become a regular England player whilst at Villa, so talk of needed champions league football to command a place is utter drivel… I digress – that he has been ‘flattered’ by the interest from Liverpool.

He added, that although bids have been made, if they aren’t accepted he can’t even start to think about making a decision.

Ok, here is another simple solution, if Liverpool want him, bid a realistic and high price for him and then Villa can decide the future of the player they have contracted to play for US.

He adds, ‘Champions League football helps any player. You only have to look at the England squad to see the amount of players who get in the squad and start the games – the majority play in the Champions League. That’s all about the decision that will have to be made by myself. Liverpool are in the Champions League and Villa are trying to push for that. That’s all part of my decision if a bid gets accepted.’

He also speaks of the gobby comments by Liverpool captain and perennial England flop Steven Gerrard who talks a good game for the national team but more often than not doesn’t turn up.

‘It was a bit of a surprise to see Steven go so public. I would like things cleared up. It would be easier for myself and for the fans so I’m sure we can get it done pretty soon. I’ve got nothing planned with Martin O’Neill but I’m sure the manager will want to speak to me and I’ll eventually want to speak to the manager. There’s so much to lose at Aston Villa. I’ve got a good rapport with the fans, I’m captain there, I’ve got a great relationship with the manager.’

Cool, good rapport, captain, great relationship with the manager. No problems, no need to move. Happy days, move on Liverpool, nothing to see here!

As I’ve said before, after the comments by Gerrard and the public talk of Barry (whether generated by Liverpool, the players agent or Doris the tea lady) we should make it clear that the player is not for sale (or at least not for anything other than the price they think fair – a nice high price like £18-20million and who knows, every player has a price I guess?) and will not be allowed to leave this summer.

Some reports are once again suggesting Barry is on his way and that Peter Crouch, who has blasted Rafa for pricing him at £15million despite the fact he only has a year left on his current deal, will make part of the fee in a swap + cash.


12 Replies to “Barry Wants Quick Decision – Here’s One, NO move!”

  • I’m with the bloke who suggested asking £30m. Oi Rafa, £30m or ***** all pal, we don’t want ya cast offs.

    But I think MON is just letting Liverplop do their crap. They bid *****e, it’s rejected, we want him to stay unless they pay. Bloody obvious really.

    Will be funny to see what the BBK geezer thinks when Chelski do a similar approach for Torres, wont be laffing then pal.

    I don’t think GB has said anything indicating he wants to go to Liverplop. He’s just mentioned the improtance of CL footy to england players is all. He aint said its essential for him, per se.

  • Barry is good, but he’s not that good. Let’s be honest. A good pass covers up his absence of pace. He’s not the ‘lynchpin’ at Villa around which all planets rotate. I think he’s a decent player. I’ve seen far, far better. If he’s going to leave, good luck to him (I suspect at the good ship Liverpool he’ll need it). We’ll replace him, and get on with it. I think the damage is done. We all now know that his heart isn’t 100% Villa.

  • its blatent tapping up – by Liverpool – i suggest we report them – as frustrating as it is at least martin o’neil says nothing about individuals, rafa could learn alot from him.

    but looking at how its gone over time

    1. theres no decision to make
    2. Wait till the internationals are over
    3. every player needs champions league.

    I expect he will leave but it will be all the sweeter if he agrees to stay.

    (i personally hoped he would give us 1 more year – then he could leave on the cheap with one year left on his contract if we don’t meet his expectations)

    he wants to go, fine no hard feelings

    £18m cash with international and champions league related add ons and no swapsies! – i wouldn’t want villa to make it easier for them and would be hesitatant to take crouch or pennant

    A plus point would be at least we get the money back we have given them in benefits over the years.

  • No less than 30 million if they want him now. If not make him see out his contract. He’ll soon settle down once he knows he’s going no where. If he leaves on a fee so be it. At least we’ll have had the best years out of him.

  • he has been tapped up by that gobby slag-gerrard and gaybeard benitez. the club look to be sitting back and taking it, mon is no where to be seen, barry said last week he was planning to meet mon and randy again this week, now he is saying he has no plans to sit down unless he gets a call of mon. he now thinks chumps league football is the answer – errrrrrr hello mcfly – you have just captained england without ever kicking a ball in the chumps league. that just wreaks of an uneduacated scouse slag-gerrard in his ear for two weeks. WTF is going on? where is the clubs control on the situation? i might take a drive upto ************ lane in solihull and see if their is a for sale sign outside barrys house.

  • What is all the fuss about Barry ? He maybe a very good player who we would all prefer to keep but he is not the most important player in our team. Both Young and Laursen are more valuable than Barry. He can and will be replaced IF Liverpool come up with enough money. Finally to all of those worrying that the club are going to let him go on the cheap, it isn’t going to happen. We don’t have to sell him, Liverpool have to buy him. The fee will be between £15m-£18m or £8m plus crouch. If Liverpool are prepared to meet our valuation then he will be sold.

  • Some of you people don’t half talk some crap! Barry has not said anything like, “I want to go but the club won’t let me” MON has said that Barry is not for sale, in public buut in private we all know that every player has his price. It would not surprise me if MON has called Barry in and asked him if he wants to go IF the price is right. Barry may then have said that he would have to think about it, therefore, until Liverpool withdraw any offer then Barry has to believe that the MIGHT have a decision to make. As it is, MON is not selling for a miserly £10 or £12 million, or whatever it was. Right now we don’t need to wory as Barry doesn’t even need to make a decision, his word, not mine.

  • He’ll go because you don’t get too many chances to play for the big 4, no matter how good your own team is.

  • 100% agree with the article & if Gerrard is so desperate to play with Barry then may be we should put in a bid :oP

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