Date: 21st May 2009 at 11:57am
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Without wishing to rip off the article that appeared in The Times on Tuesday. I would just like to talk a little about James Milner and what a big game he has this Sunday.

Many regular users of this site will know I have been negative about the season as a whole. I have complained about tactics, substitutions and player performances as much, if not more than most. However the one player I have never had the slightest doubt about this season, is James Milner. When he arrived in the summer, some fans criticised his lack of pace, his price tag etc, but what we have got for the reported £12million fee is a very special player indeed.

I think most would agree that Milner was one of the few highlights in what was to be our last season under both David O`Leary and Doug Ellis. Yet, when he returned to Newcastle he was never really seen as a first team player. They did not seem to be aware of the talented youngster that they possessed.

On his return to Villa Park, a place he obviously enjoyed playing from his previous spell at the club, he soon became an integral part of Martin O`Neill`s team. Now as far as wingers go, he may not have the pace of someone like Ashley Young, however what he lacks in pace he more than makes up for in work rate. Milner can often be seen offering support to the defence one minute then getting involved in an attack the next.

While he was undervalued at Newcastle, a team that finds it self in the relegation zone with a game to go, he now is a key part of O`Neill`s plans for the future of a club at the right end of the table. How fitting it then is that Milner would be part of the team that could very well send the Magpies down!

Imagine if Milner added to his 3 league goals this season and be the man responsible for relegating the team that never really appreciated him.


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  • wise words Dan, totally agree, Milner is a special player and is still very young so will improve also. I do firmly believe if not for Barry we’d have been relegated in the final DOL season and the only other player I’d add to that would be Milner who despite being on loan was one of the very few who looked interested that season and always put in the effort.

  • football is amazing isn’t it meyouldy? We see the same games and love the same team but see games totally differently at times!

  • Agreed Fear, I think last season was more excited than this, others don’t. As for Milner, absolutely love his workrate and commitment to the cause. If only our other young stars like Ashley and Gabby played with the same level of urgency, then we could be top4 right now.

  • two footed, powerful shot, engine that goes all day and a work rate that puts the energizer bunny to shame. Couple taht with an eye for goal and an ability to take free kicks and all you need is a scouse accent to give you Gerrard. I’d love to see Milner doing a role through the middle going box to box or sitting behind the front. With his pace Gabby is imo a much more effective winger but gives us much less through the centre.

  • Good article YJ. Love the workrate and the talent is obviously there. Wonder if he wasn’t working back so much if he’d be better and more of a threat going forward. “Greed took him back to Newcastle”???? He was ready to sign and got dragged back because the Toon couldn’t get Viduka in that window more like…

  • Greed took him back?? Wasn’t he signed, bags packed and ready to go when Newcastle pulled the pin on the deal and made him stay??

  • he was in the office at Villa if I recall and he had to be sent back because Fat Freddie had changed his mind.

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