Date: 14th August 2006 at 8:43am
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Aston Villa Shareholders Association and Villa Fans Combined welcome and back the bid from Randy Lerner for Aston Villa plc.

Jonathan Fear said: ‘It has been our stance for many years that Mr Ellis should step aside and gladly that is now happening.

It is obvious that the club has gone stale and needs fresh ideas and a dynamic board, we feel that is exactly what Randy Lerner and his team can provide.

We will certainly be recommending to the members of AVSA to sell the Association’s shareholding and I’d implore all shareholders, once they have read all the details and come to a decision, to act quickly in order to facilitate a speedy takeover.

Myself and Navid Nazir have been lucky enough to have spoken on numerous occasions with the advisors to RAL and have been impressed with the fact they have gone about things the right and professional way. They have done their talking to the board and to Rothschild’s as opposed to other groups who have done their negotiations via the press.

It is positive news that they have sought the opinions of the fans and small shareholders and we have been given the opportunity to stress that we are the lifeblood of the club and need to be brought back into the fold and involved.

Now that the bid is in, I’m sure RAL will make their plans public and explain exactly what their arrival will mean to Aston Villa. Personally I’m excited at the prospects of not only having the best manager for the job in Martin O’Neill but also a new and dynamic board with plans to put Aston Villa back to where they rightfully belong both domestically and in Europe.

Villa Fans Combined will now disband with immediate effect and would like to thank the many thousands of fans who have helped over the years, lets hope the days of protests are well and truly behind us and the club and everyone involved with it can unite and move Aston Villa forward.’


28 Replies to “Bye Bye Doug, Bye Bye VFC”

  • Christmas come early…….Can’t wait to see if Randy will give us the 50 million transfer kitty as rumoured. What a fews weeks of spending upon us…..!! Still can’t believe it. 🙂

  • Great news all – and thanks J Fear, for all the hard work you and your associates have done over the past few years, long may it continue, but without the bad news !

  • Congratulations.. very good news for all concerned I’m sure. Top manager, new management, a few quid to spend.. we’ve got the manager but can we have the other two please? 🙂

  • calling all villa fans that have stayed away for good reason..! once it is officially complete (the takeover) lets pack villa park out every other week and announce that the villa are back to the rest of the prem and europe. Villa park will become a plac

  • Absolutely fantastic news, will be good to be able to compete again and have that bit of belief which has been lacking over the past few seasons. Thanks DD for finally seeing the light and having sense in stepping a side so that the club can move forward

  • And they say there is no God! Now for a new Chairman, Graham Taylor anybody? Keira Knightley? Life doesn’t get much better than this.

  • The official offer makes it clear that Lerner will be chairman; and that a retired US Marine commander will also be on the board!! A bit sad in one way in that I have owned shares in the Villa since the 60s. Still, I suppose it’s a small price to get rid

  • The VFC have gone?!? Bring back Doug! Well lets hope that this is the start of Season Ticket Pricewatch Combined, as I would like to hope the main problem is now are going to be getting in to VP. Here’s to a bright future, and a big thanks to Jon and al

  • Merry Xmas everyone – at last it’s gone through now let’s look forward to a long awaited spending spree – Hargreaves, Petrov, Sorin, Distin & Gravesen would do 4 starters – What are your ideas!!?

  • Just wanna echo the sentiments of all above and thank JF and the lads for all of their efforts. So is that the last we’ll see of yer man with the baldy head on SSN, Jon ? 😛

  • Would be great for Randy to parade the European cup winning team before the first home game. Give them the credit they never got under Deadly. Anyone know how long the takeover may take? In other words until we have some spending money. Mr Fear, your c

  • lilbluesfan, always there with your penny’s worth aren’t you, you spend more time on this site than you do on the blues one, i’m starting to think your a closet villain………

  • I like the 3% of blue noses who have voted on the suggested poll, who don’t like the idea of the mighty villa once again being the force it was, I say to you, Karen Brady, David Sullivan, Steve Bruce, Jasper Carrot, Roy Wood, Jack Osbourne, The Bull ring

  • Hope you enjoyed the bloodsuck JP 🙂
    I guess this ends your life !!!!

    But seriously,it’s a decade late but better than never. A new era dawns and perhaps glory (or at least respectability) will ensue.

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