Date: 22nd January 2007 at 7:22pm
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John Carew has spoken of his move to the Premiership.

On the official site he said:

‘I’ve played in many places in Europe, but not in the Premiership, so I’m looking forward to the challenge here. Martin O’Neill is a great manager, very well respected, and I’m really looking forward to working with him. I don’t know too much about the squad here, but I do know some of the players I have played against – especially the defenders.’

Adding: ‘Aston Villa is a big English club and I’ve always known about the team. There is a big interest in the team in my country Norway, so I’m really happy to be here. I’ve been lucky to play for big teams, in Spain and Italy especially. I’ve just been playing in France – with the French champions. So I’ve played for some good teams and with some of the best players in the world. Now I have a big challenge and I’m really looking forward to it.’

‘It is always a challenge when you come to a new environment and up until now it’s always gone very well for me. I’ve enjoyed myself wherever I’ve been and I’ve played with some big players.’

Well, Villa have a proud tradition of fine strikers, lets hope Carew is the next in that line, because of late we’ve had some right lame ducks!!!!!


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  • This bit about a good Villa following in Norway is just Carew trying to say the right things about his new club. I have lived in Norway for nearly 8 years now, and in 3 different citys and am yet to meet a fellow Villa fan. It’s all Man U and Liverpool here with te odd glory hunting Chelski and Arsenal fan thrown in, not alot else. Sad but true. To be fair though, many Norwegians will watch any Prem or Championship game, regardless of who is playing as they just love English football, so most Norwegians know who Villa are at least. 🙂

  • Love it….a big striker…and we’ve had a void in that area since Dion left us.
    I wonder what this signing means? Do we see a new strikeforce at Newcastle this weekend with Carew and Young? or since we’ve heard nothing else on the Watford man, are Villa perhaps not going to sign him?
    Also, if we do get Young, does this mean the end of Angel too? We have Gabby and Luke will be back soon…and there’s ofcourse MR Dizzy (Sutton) to come back for the last game of the season 🙂

    I would like Angel to stay, because he is Villa thru and thru and perhaps now with Carew upfront, well see Angel play off him

    All in all, i am happy with Carew coming our way…lets hope he does’nt take three seasons to get used to the Premiership…or dare i say it…get used to Aston Villa’s shocking supply line…where i believe we need a Gravesen type player in midfield to get stuck in.

    May the signings flood in..

  • woop! i’ve a feeling m’on wants to revert back to the 4-3-3 formation – with carew spear heading the attack with 2 of luke, gabby or ashley on the wings.

  • This will be, what, Carew’s fifth country he has worked in? Sounds a bit of a drifting mercenary but let’s hope that he’ll feel at home in the Prem. Can’t possibly be any worse than Baros. A welcome signing.

  • I also think that MON is reverting back to 4-3-3 formation, I would like to see Moore or Young with Carew or Sutton or someone strong and high and with Gabby or Young to play three forwards. I don´t like Angel, that is all what I can say or write about him. It´s time to depart for Angel.

  • Saurat – i started the rumour that he was at bodymoor heath first thing this morning. I hope you are now goin to take your put up or shut comment back.

  • Hes always had the potantial to be real class but its never really worked out for him.Very Pleased with this.

  • The only climatisation will be realising he has’nt got to dance around like a ballerina with players falling over and rolling around because he has bumped into them.He can dust off and start using his Viking temperment and at last play in a real mans league.Ave it…!!!

  • i think he wil make an impact, but he is past his prime, shame he never came to the prem a few years back.. good signing though, might do what larsson did for united.

  • CAREW come on down the price is right…….. Bang in a few goals, settle down, enjoy the new house, new car and remember to drive on the other side of the road…..

  • Welcome John Carew. You’re what we’ve been crying out for, for quite a few seasons now. The MON bandwagon is starting to take shape. The sky is very definitely the limit. How on earth can he be past his prime at 28 PUREGOLD? Peter Withe was 30 when he arrived here, look what he lead us to.

  • Happy to have you Carew. But one thing, dont screw it up and dont believe the hype. Baros made that mistake. Prove the hype is true

  • glensider, he is not even 28 until May so definately not past his prime and some people talking cobblers.

  • Thanks tylervilla. Negative comments and incorrect information, sadly that is what a few of our numbers seem to thrive on. Not happy unless a signing or whatever is being knocked. Gertcha!!

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