Date: 20th August 2006 at 3:33pm
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Celebrity Fans:

Prince William


Tom Hanks (actor – or should that be one of the most famous actors in the world?!)
Martin Shaw (actor)
Mark Williams (actor – you might have seen him in Harry Potter! and comedian from the Fast Show)
Brendan Gleeson, (actor, appeared in Braveheart, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, 28 Days Later, Gangs of New York, Harry Potter films, AI…)
David Bradley (actor, Harry Potter, other films, tv and stage)
Pauline McLynn (actress. Played Mrs. Doyle in “Father Ted”)
Ian Lavender (actor, best know as Private Pike in Dads Army)
James or Oliver Phelps (one of the twin Weasley brothers in Harry Potter – one is on the dark side and supports Blues)


Black Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iomi
Brian Travers (UB40)
Several members of bands Duran Duran
Several members of Ocean Colour Scene
Nigel Kennedy (violinist)
Pete Way (bassist with rock band UFO)


Dr Carl Chinn MBE (local historian, tv and radio presenter)
Jonny Gould, (media radio/tv broadcaster and commentator)
Emma B (radio1 presenter)
Professor and guardian columnist Marcel Berlins.
Vassos Alexander and Phil Williams (both radio 5 live announcers)
Emma Griffiths, MTV presenter and model
Floella Benjamin (kids tv presenter back in the day)


Ian Bell (Warwickshire and England cricketer)
Jim Lewis (owner of the late great Villa fan Best Mate)
Jane Sixsmith (England Olympic hockey player)


Howard Hodgson (presenter, author, including best seller Six Feet Under)
Benjamin Zepphaniah (poet)
Mervyn King, (Governor of Bank of England )
David Cameron (leader of Conservative party)
Sir Digby Jones ex head of the CBI
Trade Union leader Bill Morris
Lord John Taylor (once briefly in the news when controversially deselected as a black Tory election candidate (Cheltenham, IIRC), also had a brief TV career as a “legal eagle”)

Randy Lerner – some American businessman, apparently 😉

Got any others?


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  • Once Villa start to be successful again I think we will see all sorts of celebs crawling out of the woodwork claiming to be life-long fans. Do you know there is a respected French rock band called Aston Villa? Seriously, they named themselves after the fo

  • Pete Way – bassist with Rock Band UFO
    various members of Neds Atomic Dustbin
    Jane Sixsmith – Hockey Player
    Floella Benjamin – One for the Playschool fans out there
    Ian “private Pike” Lavender

  • J P Fear, famous football protestor and Doug-Ellis-pest.

    Someone told me he supported blues though but that could be wrong 😉

  • Ian Lavender (Pike from Dad’s Army). Look at his scarf in the old episodes. He chose it because it was Villa’s claret and blue.

  • updated as above, any more for any more?! They did list a fair few in a copy of the claret and blue magazine last year, wonder if we’ve missed any from that list!?

  • Not sure if these count but the character Godber in Porridge was a Villa fan and so was the character Jim Hacker in Yes Minisister.

  • The Duke of Wellington.
    Or was it that a fan was seen drinking in the Duke of Wellington? Can never remember.

  • Loads of local muso’s are Villa fans.

    Various members of Wolfsbane(drummer used to have AVFC gaffer taped to his drumheads in one vid I saw)

    Barney Greenway of Napalm Death

    Frank Healy of Benediction.

    Dave Ismay(comedian)

    Malcolm Stent(come

  • Kevin Costner? He was at Villa Park either last season or the season before? Or was he just their to watch out opposition?

  • The fantastic curtain headed 90’s heroes Neds Atomic Dustbin. God got a thanks to on their fantastic ‘Are You Normal?’ Album

  • I saw a Tv programme with Don Maclean & Malcolm Stent going on about their rivalry, the were filmed at a Villa -Blues derby i think it was one of the Zenith data ties where we stuffed ’em 6/7-0(?).

    They didn’t film the match just the faces of the comed

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