Date: 20th August 2006 at 2:58pm
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Randy Lerner has spoken in the press over the last few days and I think we are all getting to know and get a feel for the sort of person he is. The talk has been positive Randy Lerner On Aston Villa and as far as I can see he is being open and honest with us.

So much so that he has spoken of potential ‘lucrative sponsorship deals’ and hasn’t ruled out re-naming Villa Park to attract sponsors.

‘Naming rights is something we would have to look at because it could make a very positive impact on revenue. I hope people are more open-minded about it now. If there is an extremely negative reaction, I’ll have to take that into account.’

So I thought I’d ask if you have an open mind, these guys will obviously come in with fresh ideas and as we are all very set in our footballing ways, some things might prove to be more of a surprise than others. BUT instead of dismissing things out of hand, it might be better to listen to the reasons behind the ideas and then decide?

Renaming Villa Park? What do you think? Too radical or the way forward to attract sponsorship and re-establish Villa as the force they once are? The latest poll asks your opinion and as ever, you can talk in the forum or discuss it in the article comments below.

One thing I like is he isn’t hiding these sort of considerations for until he has taken the club over (if it goes through).

Lets face it, the sponsors over the years have been way below the level we should attract. And the kit manufactures haven’t been great either, the latest of which (Hummel), in my opinion, being the very worst – and the new kit being a great example of the fact there is no history or respect left for Aston Villa by those making the decisions.

We should have the likes of Adidas – I do love my adidas spezial’s, totally irrelevant, but I’m just hoping someone from Adidas reads this and adds to my collection!!!! lol. Whilst I’m on, I like Sol and Budweiser, have one Tag Heuer watch and feel that isn’t enough, errm, my computer is made by Evesham, I collect Mackenzie Thorpe paintings, would aspire to drive a Jaguar XK, would like to go to Miami Ink to add to my tattoo collection and would go by Virgin Airlines, I collect scars as well but would prefer to leave that collection where it is, I buy my cds from cdwow and what else should I blag whilst I’m here, oh yes, my carpet is being replaced at the moment thanks to a flood and comes from carpet right, Vital Football Network is willing to sell to Sky for £10million and lastly…. no, I don’t think I should say the last part, and anyway, I’m sure she wouldn’t…. would she?!! Hey, that feels better, not gone off on a ramble for ages, ramble, that is a point, need some hiking boots now my legs are working better and a new coat would be good, Helly Hanson would do…….pauses for breath….. no, think that is it, oh no, hang on, I collect money, mostly pound coins, but notes are also highly treasured – that is pound notes not notes telling me I’m barmy –, where was I? Oh yes, the likes of Adidas and Nike etc.

Come on, you don’t get this quality on the official site do you?!?!?

News just in, I’ve just succeeded in blagging something, someone has just thrown a brick through my window. Well, you have to start somewhere I guess. Windows by Everest, brick by Persimmon homes!!!!


24 Replies to “Villa Park Re-Naming (+ JF ramble!)”

  • As long as we don’t get sponsored by NO FEAR sports wear, would be very harsh on me wouldn’t it??!

  • Says within the offer document and I quote:

    RAL intends to continue to run Aston Villa as a football business, with operations remaining at the current locations. RAL believes, however, that as part of its integrated strategy going for

  • To be honest I’d be completely against this idea. Villa Park is the name of our stadium. Changing it to the Tetley Pot or whatever would be a sell out. I think if something like this does happen it should be put to popular vote. Of course it does depend o

  • people talk about our great history, part of our great history is VILLA PARK so i vote against it,

  • I can’t see a problem with renaming a stadium. Ok there is the history element but we have lived far too long in the past. A new dawn is rising at Villa and with it the prospect of a bright new future. Lets start looking forward and make that statement to

  • Go ahead Randy. I’d much rather see Villa become a top 6/4/3/2/1 team in The Adidas Arena (for example) than remain as mid-table mediocrity at Villa Park.
    I know changing the stadium name will not make the team better as such, but it will increase revenu

  • If only we could get Aston Manor brewery as a sponsor, we could call it Aston Villa Park. Then everyone wins.

  • I think if we get too too stuck in our ways then we the fans run the risk of being the new Ellis, holding progress back. Maybe Villa Park: The Casio stadium might stick in the craw, but if we go into uproar mode every time Randy tries anything, then he wi

  • If Herbert puts up the sponsorship money, (After all he can afford it now) We can call it Doug Ellis Park

  • Or how about Prince William sponsoring, would that mean we get to call it Windsor Park?

  • He should leave the club in my opinion or perhaps rename it if its rebuilt with corners filled in and then rename it…. Better still rename the Dog Ellis Stand to the “We are Randy Stand”

  • I think we really have to open to the idea, and consider all options as and when they appear. The traditionalists will obviously balk at the very idea, and to some extent I can fully understand their reservations, but if ‘renaming’ Villa Park would bring

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