Date: 17th June 2009 at 1:02pm
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Villa will not be facing Celtic in the Peace Cup pre season thingymawhotsit.

It has been confirmed today that we will now face Mexican side Atlante.

They join us in Group C of the tournament after Celtic decided they’d rather play in the Wembley Cup.

They are by no means a Mickey Mouse outfit though, having won the CONCACAF Champions League last season, meaning they have qualified for the next FIFA Club World Cup which is held in Abu Dhabi for those who care.

So, we face Malaga on Saturday July 25, before playing Atlante on Wednesday July 29.

The winners of each group go through to the semi’s, with the final being held in Seville on August 2.

As we already knew, the tournament also boasts Real Madrid, Porto, Juventus and Lyon.


12 Replies to “Celtic Not Impressed With Peace”

  • Celtic couldn’t play in the Peace Cup due to CL QF during the week of the 29th! Not because they didnt want to!

  • Yeah – playing Real Madrid , Juve, Porto isn’t the same as meaningless domestic friendlies with the likes of (no disrespect meant) Hereford, Colchester , Lincoln City etc etc. Better a workout against Class opposition ( more competetive than domestic friendlies) than just a Sunday afternoon stroll against “lesser” teams. Oh what it must be like to be constantly negative and on a “downer”.

  • Nazvfc, if we were that interested in testing ourselves against tough opposition we would have put out a decent side against Moscow. I have never had a downer as a Villa fan up until last season.

  • Give the Moscow debacle a rest – it’s old news. This is the start of a NEW season (cr*p or otherwise) – everyone at Villa now has a clean slate it’s upto them to ram the negativity down the throats of all the doomsayers on here (no offence meant). Live in the past or look forward to the future (be it better or worse) that’s your choice – mine is to be positive and optimistic (after 45 years of supporting them). You may be surprised – we’ll see, but for now please all be positive, you’ll have from August thru to May 2010 to moan and have a go at MON and the squad (or lack of it).

  • Celtic were scared and decided to run away like wee girlies when they realised they were having to face the Villa. The year 2035, the occasion, The mighty Villa lift the European cup for the twenty forth time, in the background a not so young J still bl**dy moaning about Moscow.

  • My reason for negativity was the poor tactics we used, Moscow was just another nail in O’Neill’s coffin. I am hoping in a month’s time that I am also looking positively forward, but I think that every summer, I am sure O’Neill will do his usual deny any decent link and instead bring in a few average players and only one maybe two (if we are lucky) of any quality. I will be positive when there is something be positive about. Over to the Messiah…….

  • Celtic were beaten to the Mickey Mouse SFA Premier league title otherwise they would be there. Come on YJ, benefit of the doubt and all that. I’ll be singing from your hymnsheet in Feb if he lets us down this year but you’ve got to have hope even if not optimism!!

  • well if the league was sponsered by walt disney the clubs in spl would probably be financially better off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Does anybody know if this “peace cup” is going to be on TV? I know quite a few of the other friendly tournaments are on during the summer.

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