Date: 28th March 2010 at 6:19pm
Written by:

Ok, I thought I’d get this one out of the way nice and quickly. I was tempted not to do one at all but for completeness (as I’m counting how many votes through the season etc) that it did need doing.

So, I asked for your Chelsea man of the match.

No real surprise here I don’t think:

None of them, sorry 49%
I’m in shock 35%

For player votes we got:

Sidwell 6% (Perfect pass to Young who crossed to Carew for our goal)
Subs: Downing/Fonz/Beye 3%
Warnock 2%
A Young 2%
L Young 2%
Carew 1%
Agbonlahor 0%
Collins 0%
Dunne 0%
Friedel 0%
Milner 0%
Petrov 0%

A bit of a pointless exercise I hear some of you cry, but as said, for completeness and consistency I did it anyway!

Our latest poll asks, if Villa can’t make 4th (and lets face it, it isn’t looking good!) then who would you like to make it. Not allowed any cop out votes either, you have to pick one of the teams (or don’t vote obviously!)

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