Date: 9th May 2007 at 3:35pm
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Martin O’Neill will enter into talks with several players to see where their futures lye.

Players such as Thomas Sorensen, Olof Mellberg and Gavin McCann have contracts expiring in a years time. Then we have Lee Hendrie and Jlloyd Samuel who are both out of contract and both very likely to be shown the door.

O’Neill is looking to sit down with them and explained on the official site:

‘I haven’t had a chance to do anything about that, mainly because the boys had a couple of days off after the Sheffield United game. But this week and in the early part of next week, I’d like to do something about that. While our season finishes on Sunday, it’s not as if some of the players involved in international matches will be racing off next morning. So I’ve got a wee bit more time and it’s something I’ll be discussing with a few of them. It is pressing and I would like to get a few things in motion between now and the end of the season.’

Adding ‘Gavin has a year left and any players with a year left to run, you need to speak to them, because people need to know. Thomas has a year left to run, Olof’s got a year left to run, Gavin’s got a year left to run and I need to speak to them. We’ll be talking about things. I don’t mind speaking to agents at all, but I should still be able to have very normal conversations with players about careers and how people are doing. I don’t need an agent for that.’

‘I need an agent eventually when we’re talking about contractual stuff, but I’m not so sure I always need to be talking to agents whenever I speak to the players. Of course I do accept that when you’re sitting down and talking about the nitty-gritty of contracts, that’s when the agent comes in.’

So who would you keep? For me, to build a squad, we need to keep as many as possible at least until the end of next season.

It is obvious Hendrie and Jlloyd are off, but would you keep Sorensen, McCann and Mellberg?

I’d tie Mellberg to a long contract, have McCann on a year extension and bring in extra competition for Thomas Sorensen! There, problem sorted


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  • I’d like to see Boaz Myhill brought in with Tom to battle for No.1 and release Taylor. Definately keep Olly long term (3 year contract) and McCann for 1 year as a squad player.

  • I’d like to see Mellberg Stay – the others can leave. Mellberg and Laursen together are comparable to any centre halfs in the Premiership.

  • Mellberg on a new three year contract. Sorenson on a two year deal and keep as back up. The rest can go.

  • Agree Jon.H, Boaz should never have been allowed to leave. I’d keep McCann as a squad player depending on who we bring in, we’ve got to increase the size of the squad before looking to offload.

  • To be honest I don’t think McCann has done badly for us. It puzzles me the criticism he gets sometimes.

  • I think McCann is absolutely useless, every time he steps on the pitch it irritates me. the last few games without him have been wonderful. When he came on as sub against Sheffield i nearly cried, thought id seen the last of him. He cant pass a ball to save his life. Mellberg has looked a different player along side the immaculate Laursen.

  • McCann spends half his time on the ground, seriously you look at how many times he dives into a challenge.

  • To be fair though, before christmas he was one of our better players and towards the end of O’Dreary’s reign he was one of the few to retain passion and commitment to the cause. I’d keep him as cover and give Craig Gardner a run in the side.

  • I must admit I don’t think McCann is useless and also thinks he always gives 100%. He might not be the best to take us to the Champ League but he has played an important role for Villa whilst we weren’t spending big on players. He does do a lot of the scruffy work that goes unnoticed, although this year I reckon he gave the ball away a bit much at times. Still a good squad player but not sure he’d be happy being just a squad player after being such a regular. Amazing game how we all see the same games and read totally different things into it isn’t it?! Mind you, only one opinion really counts, MON’s !

  • keep big Ollie, let the rest go. If we are to kick on we need a better keeper. I agree with Fear about McCann being worth keeping as a squad player IF he would stay for that. I do think it is more than a coincidence though that our recent good form has co-incided with him being left out of the team.

  • get rid of Sorensen, his mistakes are unforgivable, especially the ones against the blues. Scott Carson would be VERY nice….thank you!

  • youre true about opinions Fear. However i didnt say McCann was useless i said that he was ABSOLUTELY useless. HA ha. Im not doubting the mans commitment or passionand yes he does cover ground and tidy up when hes on top of his game, but surely we can do better now? I just dont see the point of a player like him in the top half of the premiership. Even holding players need to have good short passing ability and McCann hasnt got this. IMO

  • As Fear says, McCann does the scruffy work, we need someone of his ilk to do that. Gardner has done really well when he’s been given the chance & definitely one for the future. Who is available that could come in & do scruffy stuff?
    As for Sorenson, he concerns me. At times he’s brilliant & then other times he reminds me of Calamity James.

    Ollie needs to stay for a few more years, Hendrie, Samuel, DJx2 can go.

  • I’d like to see Boruc at Villa to keep Tommy on his toes. Melberg I’d sign up on a long-term deal. McCann – he has done a good job for us considering we only paid £2 mill for him. I’d sign him up to be a squad player but only on a short term contract.

    Industrial_musical – Carson is a good keeper but he has made quite a few mistakes. Notably against Blackburn, a game that potentially was there best chance of keeping them in the Prem, those mistakes are more unforgiveable.

  • Mcann should stay for anotoher season at most. You need your holding midfielder to be able to shoot and score (Carrick of late and Alonso for example). I like the fact that he goes in for leg breaking challenges and gives his all but he isnt top 6 pedigree……..Jury is still out on Tommo, he’s one of the best shot stoppers going but i still crap myself every time he comes for a cross……Mellberg we must keep and buy a world class defender to play next to him, Laursen will last a maximum of 12 games into the new season before getting crocked again, good defender though and wins almost everything in the air.

  • Come to think of it, Mcann could be good to have when playing against physical long ball teams sides like Everton, Blackburn and Bolton next season. Gardner doesnt really have the aerial power.

  • i see im on my tod with my opinion on McCann. i dont understand the slagging of sorenson, yes hes made some high profile errors but then so has every other premiership goaly apart from maybe Cech. he doesnt command his area as well as id like but hes a top draw shot stopper and has made some excellent saves this season. i agree that he needs proper competition though. Dont know enough about Boruc to comment.

  • Am thinking Mccann could possibly go back to sunderland? MON may well try get okey cokey regardless of the hammers survival or not.Deff go get Boaz and Bouric for nets tommy has had his moment but if we are to seriously mount an assult on the top 6/4 then we need to move for a higher standard of player all over the park with certain exceptions obviously i think the only players assured of their positions at the moment are Barry Carew Petrov(teachers pet)Bouma and Gabby.

  • I’ve seen a little bit of Celtic and while he doesn’t look a bad keeper he also doesn’t appear to be a million miles better than what we have now. Maybe commands his area a bit more and isn’t a vampire,which is a criticism often levelled at Sorensen. Oh and he likes his flags!!

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