Date: 25th June 2009 at 12:08pm
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Former owner Doug Ellis believes there are plenty of reasons for fans to be optimistic about next season, despite the loss of Barry and Laursen.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail Good Ol’ Deadly (as he affectionately became known after the smile, giggle and handshake to that Russian fella) believes supporters should be optimistic about the forthcoming season, maintaining that he sold the club to the right man.

Being fair, nothing suggests otherwise currently, and three years on I’m not sure Randy has put a foot wrong in my opinion.

Anyway, Deadly is obviously still keeping one finger on the pulse of the club, and as ever, paying close attention to our youth teams as he explains that we are a very stable club now, with excellent staff and some very exciting prospects coming through the ranks like the ‘younger’ Gardner.

‘There are grounds for optimism. I certainly don`t think anyone should be negative about the future of Aston Villa.’

He points out the obvious need to replace Martin Laursen and Gareth Barry and then looking further into the future, Ellis’ eye for a youth player hasn’t left him as he says he thinks Gary Gardner might end up a better player than his brother Craig who is currently on England U21 duty in the Euro Championships and has recently had a hands off warning put out to clubs circling!

Doug also adds that Martin O’Neill has proved if they are good enough they get their chance at Villa.

As for whether he has found it difficult to not poke the old head round the door for a little chat…I think the answer is tactful.

‘I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t interfere once I had shaken hands with Randy Lerner, and I haven’t interfered. By and large he has kept his promise and I am delighted I chose him ahead of the other four predators.’

‘The other four predators,’ Lerner definitely made an impression didn’t he.


10 Replies to “Deadly Positive About The Future”

  • I know Deadly gets a lot of flak and some of it is deserved but you have to thank him for the fact that he kept Villa near the top of the tree so that someone like Randy would want to buy us

  • He missed the opportunity to invest and establish Villa as a major force way back when the Premier league first started and we ran Man United close for the title. We were properly amongst the very top end then. His lack of vision and over caution approach saw us fall back into the pack we are in today as opposed to being among the Champions league regulars.
    I don’t care what he says or thinks either…

  • to be fair 2 of the other 4 were a total joke and the 3rd of the other 4 never fronted up or put a bid in. He is making out he did something special singling out Randy but Randy was the only one with the money to make a bid that would be followed through on.

  • DD always was an egotistical prick that spent more time talking about himself than the club. I have no fondness for the man at all.

  • Held us back, I have zero respect for the way he dismantled the awesome tea we had after our European Cup win. I will NEVER forgive that

  • That old **** almost strangled Villa who cares what he has to say. [Edited by FearVilla]

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