Date: 26th June 2009 at 3:20pm
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Vital Villa are set to launch a shop selling t-shirts and we thought the best way to do this and to ensure we only sell what the Villa fans want, is by asking those clever enough, to design them!

You can either make a suggestion and we’ll see what we can do OR if you are clever enough, send us a mock up of the design you’d like to see.

My initial idea is to quote our great song.. Paul McGrath my Lord.

I would think that a simple t-shirt saying:

‘Villa – On The P*SS My Lord’ or ‘AVFC It’s Your Round My Lord’

would go down very well, but what other ideas do you all have?

Let me know in the Forum Thread – (Click Here) and lets see what we can all come up.

We’ve not completed the commercials on this yet but will be very keen to make the t-shirts under a tenner and also to have at least 50p from every shirt sale going to a charity of our choice. I will nominate Acorns as the most obvious one for us to donate to as it is closely tied with Villa but again, I’m open to the popular consensus here.

Whoever comes up with a design that gets to the point of being sold would also get a free one!

So, get cracking and let us know what you think will work, these t-shirts will be produced in Britain and we’ll guarantee a decent quality at a fair price.


7 Replies to “Design A Villa T-Shirt For Vital Villa”

  • I’ll do one. Give us a deadline or review date though Fear, otherwise I’ll keep putting it off!

  • 6pm tonight Olof…. tick tock… I’m waiting! Asap for suggestions really Olof, some decent ones already in the forum, all ideas welcome.

  • Oi JT, my nan used to tell me if I was as shi tty as I am witty, I’d be in a hell of a mess! lol. The idea will be rolled out to all sites if the test sites go well (Villa/Spurs to start)

  • Ok, I’m on it. One question though: do you want it to be Vital Villla specific or just Villa in general? (sorry i work in advertising).

  • villa really mate, although we will put vital villa somewhere, we might do the logo on the sleeve or something, depends on costing!

  • What a great idea. Thats the age-old Christmas present problem solved for this year, plus shipping t-shirts to the better half’s family in the good old US of A will be relatively cheaper because of the weight, than what we usually end up forking out.

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