Date: 6th August 2006 at 11:30am
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Doug Ellis has admitted, in an interview with Sky Sports News, that negotiations are ongoing and that he is hopeful things will be sorted ‘in weeks rather than months.’

”As far as I’m concerned the negotiations with the club are ongoing,” continued Ellis. ”I made it very clear I was prepared to sell. ‘I’m 82 years of age, I’ve just had five operations since last June. I had to be sensible. Nevertheless, I won’t walk away from Aston Villa.’

He says his health isn’t the main reason for selling but ‘The main reason is the future of the club. ‘If someone with a lot of money, just look at what happened with Abramovich, who bought his way to the championship. ‘I don’t suggest the people I’ve been talking to, and I’ve been talking to several, are going to be Abramovich class. ‘I don’t think there’s anyone in that class. Still, nevertheless, they are big people.”

On the timing he said: ”A week in parliament is an hour in football. Things can change overnight. ‘I know where we stand, I’m not going to talk about it to be honest, but I’m hopeful it will come to pass in weeks, rather than months.”

The only bit that causes a worry is his belief that he is ‘wanted’. It depends under what circumstances he thinks he should stay. If it is a honouree role that finally gets him to step aside, then you can understand the politics and accept the decision, lets just hope he doesn’t hang out to remain on the board, either as exec or non-exec, because no new group would buy the club on those terms, or at least no sensible forward thinking group.
Ellis explained: ”They want me to be (still involved), their own words, not mine’ and quoting Michael Neville who said ‘why throw the baby out with the bath water’ a week or so back, Ellis ends: ”Their own words are why throw away all that experience and knowledge and contacts.”

I spoke with Michael Neville at the time and he confirmed that his group would keep him as an ambassador but not on the board and that his words to the press had been misconstreud. I’m sure all the other groups would look to do the same.


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  • As long as it is a totally non-exec role I’m happy for him to stay, his contacts at the FA are the main reason I would want him on board, not his knowledge and experience as this has proved to be of little worth to the club.

  • Doug has experience of running the club albeit not in the manner we would like, especially the last few years. The key is the shareholding, I wouldn’t object to him staying an advisory role – but not a major decision maker.

  • Some sort of loose “consultancy” rolw would be OK but Ellis must not be involved in the management of the club, at any level. Non executive director would, in my opinion, be keeping a dead hand too near the tiller. Ellis must not be in a position of i

  • These people looking to bid are top businessmen, they don’t need advisors like that, but an ambassador role would hurt no one and would help Ellis to ease out with a bit of dignity!

  • Good luck to Doug what ever he chooses to do, not sure if I agree with his tactics but he has stuck by Villa and made his decisions and stuck by them.

  • About time he finally decided step down shame he left no time for transfers we will have to wait till ******* january

  • Is it safe to assume that he is actually telling us the truth for once? Yes, I think it is. His interview on Sky made it the perfect weekend. Agree with you guys. No position with even the slightest bit of authority should be allowed him. Let him have his

  • I think we should even give him a title that makes him feel important, massage his ego to the max to ensure a favourable deal is done. Let him be club president, after all, despite all his many failings and the mess he’s made of so many things, he did ma

  • Careful chaps! We had a similar situation with Ken Bates who wanted to remain a figurehead. It just doesn’t work and look how vindicative he’s turned out now!

  • You don’t have a spare aquatic tart do you Merlin? Give Ellis the Tea Lady’s job. What more should you give a guy who has spent nothing and is going to make 60 mil profit? We all support Villa and it costs us to do so. Let him become just another supporte

  • As long as we have new buyers and he dosen’t stick his ore in i don’t care if he does or does not stay.

  • Make no mistake, MON came to Villa despite Ellis, not because of him. I am still convinced he came partly because he knows, not thinks, knows Ellis will be out, and perhaps before the start of the season.

  • Hmmmm….if were all excited and buying tickets… Doug suddenley going to loose interest ??? – win te first 3 games, a couple of £5m players……and I fear the consortia may disapear.

    One thing I do like about Doug is that attends most of the gam

  • Tell the old fart he can what ever he wants as long as he sells and then he can be fired. Doug thinks he has done a great job, he has not. I dont care if the owners are at the game as long as our players are ready to play.

  • There isn’t much wrong with what Doug has done and he has run the day to day business well. The real problem though, is that he didn’t see the opportunities that existed. When the Premiership “took-off” we were right in there, a big club, with massive sup

  • Well said SteveW, I totally agree. My issue with him is that he thinks he knows better than everyone else and does not listen.

  • well thats the next step to move aston villa on, when he goes u need someone with abit more money behind them

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