Date: 17th May 2009 at 2:42am
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Yet another match we should’ve won. So many since O’Neill took charge eh, well if you listen to him.

Speaking on the official tonight O’Neill was again delighted with our second half performance. Still have that problem where we only play 45 minutes but shall we ignore that?

‘We could and should have won it in the end,’ cries the manager.

Yeah heard it all before and it hasn’t happened since when, February?

As said in the other article tonight, bored now. I still love Monny as a manager and I love listening to him but I’m not sure I can take another 12 months of the same tactics.

We all know we are a one trick pony as a club, no plan B. Players out of position, seemingly favourites within the squad who could end up anywhere as long as they are on the pitch.

The end of Ellis was meant to be our chance to compete and compete properly. We had that chance.

I didn’t want us to spend £100’s of millions of pounds and buy anything. I wanted us to respect who we are and build slowly with key signings, growth of youngsters and a steady improvement.

In many ways we have that….in many ways this season we’d have more if it wasn’t for….well legally….decisions I hold a different opinion over.

Like Milly at right back. Luke Young at left back. The signing of Heskey. Despite it’s success the change from 451/433 etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Anyway, the natural successor to SirAlex said:

‘In the second half this week, we were much, much better than we were in the first half – and created a lot of chances.

‘I was delighted with the second half display. We put a big effort in where it looked like it might have been missing in the first half. I’m not too sure that it was – I just feel we were tentative.

‘It was a concern at half-time but after the break we rolled our sleeves up and went at it. It was the Villa of the early part of the season.’

The only admission about our proiritised Top 4 placing that suddenly became a battle for 5th place was:

‘Unfortunately, we came in and found out Everton had won. But we still have plenty to play for.

‘We have to try and win now on the final day of the season at home and obviously hope Fulham can beat Everton. We will be fighting for it and everything is still to play for.’

Just like we have all season since we were 8 points clear of Arsenal eh.

Can we please remember what got us 8 points clear of Arsenal to begin with. Maybe if we could work that out and get it back we’d still be there.

Again when the manager gets it right, he does get it right. Our problem is when things go wrong, nothing changes.


6 Replies to “Excuses, Excuses – The Verdict”

  • I could not agree any more! The last line sums-up MON perfectly for me. Not only when things go wrong does nothing change, but what ever changes are made happen in the 85th minute with somebody playing well out of position – and worryingly, I don’t see that changing next season. Little tweaks will not be enough, big changes are needed – we would not have lasted 5 minutes in the Champions League!

  • I dont understand…peeople talking about there is no magic swith that will just turn us back into the pre-febuart Villa…But you dont just turn into a bad team over night…It is so frustrating

  • an overall view of the big picture needs to be taken as in 12 months we will be still be in same postion or even worse, an out and out 25 goal a season striker needs to come in because simply HESKEY is not that man nor gabby either and the sale of cahill is now looking to be mon biggest error of judgement so far so a decent centre back to play with davies is another must and a creative midfielder in the centre of park also a must as since departure of merson no player has been at villa park so mon has his work cut out in the summer but can he cut in transfer market ?

  • maybe our expectations just got too high? I’m really not sure anymore, I doubt we can push further than 6th, 5th at best with the current squad, tactics and substitutions, what makes me doubt my doubts (!) is how many are still 100% sure MON is a genius and will be the man to lead us to the holy land …. I remain to be convinced, I wish to be convinced and if I was a religious man, I’d pray to be convinced!!!!

  • Hopefully the summer break will be productive in terms of signings, some real quality in to boost numbers and remove the need to play people out of position. Come back fresh and relaxed and try and kick on again.

  • biggest summer yet for MON and the board I think? This summer above the previous ones really will show just how ambitious we are for next season. We’ve knocked on the door but shown without some big name or higher quality players, it is 5-6 we are playing for and next season spurs and man city will also be there or there abouts. Going to be an interesting transfer window!

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