Date: 12th February 2006 at 5:23pm
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One of O’Leary’s few quips and on comes the slating from the fans.

‘If Roeder keeps winning like that Newcastle will win the League’ or there abouts.

Had John Gregory said that we would have all been laughing at his smart tongue. Had Graham Taylor said it we would have all been amazed, but no such is the negativity amongst so many fans especially towards O’Leary he gets slated just as much as when he issues one of his downtalking Villa and its players comments.

Fickle isn’t the word, fans certaily isn’t.

OK we are all entitled to our opinion, and if you continually stick with it the polite police take over and immediately slate you for your efforts. Is that where Blairs society has left us where dying old fogies can ruin a club on and off the field so much that if a player doesn’t perform like a Chelsea high boy for 2 matches he immediately becomes target of the boo boys?

When a manager is forced to pick a weak midfield thanks to suspensions, injuries, and lack of spending, loses and immediately is a candidate for the waste bin.
No its not in answer its just a Villa thing.

Villa as a club are a laughing stock and their fans do nothing to buck that trend, as anyone on here will see, in fact as a Boro supporting mate of mine said, no sane manager on earth would want your club now not even the desperate ones, at least at Boro we don’t have that problem even if we have fans who throw away their season ticket.



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  • Got to admit everything he says is put under the microscope, but he does often ask for it, some of his comments are foolish to say the least. You don’t call fans fickle then expect them to embrace you.

    I also did sort of agree with Roeder yesterday, V

  • As Fear says, DOL has said some very stupid things. He’s a prat underneath it all, DOL is number1 in his life. Calling us fickle, leeds, leeds, leeds, small squad, no money etc.

    He has never once admitted a mistake, but takes the praise for victorie

  • He keeps hiding behind excuses when things go wrong his favourite being “Small bunch o’ lads” he has to take some responsibility.

  • For once I wasn’t fickle as in my post on the forum I said I found the quip amusing and was more concerned that he was
    insinuating that certain people listen (I guess he meant the board) therefore they are not singing from the same hymn sheet.

  • DOL has it in him to be a success as a manager, and the man needs to move on the very first opportunity he gets. Yes, he’s made mistakes here, but in retrospect most of the comments he makes that upset the fans, are correct, fair, and in truth need to be

  • Some have the message, shame about the rest, especially when for all intent and purpose the club is dead.
    Heads down keyboards at the ready and lets put a pin in the list to see who next we can deride.
    Football fans support their club, their team their

  • Whatever he says is now scrutinised by his detractors and used against him (I count myself in that bracket) but come on, he has brought it upon himself! If he didnt say such utter garbage then we wouldnt examine his words so much!

  • So we all hate him and deride his achievements because of comemnts he makes in the media that don’t suit the fantasy view on the Villa. How about the stabilisation of the club by ridding it of all those high earners we used to go on about. Or those player

  • Boo hoo, but a £400 season ticket is 1.5 weeks work for a lot of people, plus all the other costs to a footy match. We have a big right to complain.

  • All football supporters need hope. At Villa, Doug removed it long ago and he, more than anybody, is ensuring the manager gets the blame. Make no mistake, Doug is paying DOL a kings ransom to take the flak. We now have the pantomine of Doug “pretending” he

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