Date: 10th May 2006 at 11:52am
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Graham Taylor has summed up the situation at Villa well telling Sky Sports News: ”I’m very worried about Villa ever being again a dominant Premiership club, because the only way they are going to do it is to have a change at the very top.’

Adding: ”Doug won’t like me saying this, but Doug you’ve stayed there too long and you’ve brought this all on yourself. ‘You haven’t planned for your successor, you haven’t realised life goes on and there’s some people coming up to take your place.”

Spot on, Doug could have handed the reigns over 10 years ago, but instead he has continually blundered through insisting Villa are on the right path, he is the best for the job and that he still plays tennis! 😉

Taylor also points out that it can’t all be down to the managers and players and that there is one common factor:

”Is it every managers’ fault? Are we all bad? ‘Is it all the players’ fault, are they all bad? It’s a running of the club that matters and eventually what happens is that the running doesn’t have confidence and positivity, and it seeps into the club. ‘You can go to Villa now and see it and just feel it in your bones. It isn’t right, it doesn’t smell right.’

And this sums up surely how we all feel?

”What’s going to happen I haven’t got a clue but something needs to happen and something good needs to happen.”


10 Replies to “Graham Taylor Speaks For One And All”

  • It seems to be evident to EVERYBODY but one siily old git who cannot see past the end of his own nose.

  • Not wishing ill of the man, but is he really that hard headed, that he cannot even look at remarks like those of Taylor, and wonder to himself if it really could be true. Or does he live in his own surreal world?

  • Does any dictator see his empire crumbling? Does any dictator accept criticism from anybody?

  • At the end of the day Doug is staying and the only way we will see him leaving is in a box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hats off to Graham Taylor. Its great that someone of his status in the game is taking the time to highlight and discuss the nightmare that is HDE’s reign.

  • I keep saying this, but moaning on and on is doing us no good at all. As long as we keep our younger players, we’ll be in good shape. Most of the bigger clubs now buy the big foreign stars, we can guarantee our good players first team football. I am no

  • yes Tarzan but we’ll be relegated into League 2 by that time. Doug will remain in a pickled Jar powered by electrodes

  • We have no choice but to wait due to the apathy of fans and the inability or lack of desire by the other shareholders to unite and oust Doug. BUT we won’t win anything with the youth alone and many are simply not making the grade. It is fantastic to see

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