Date: 7th July 2006 at 3:29pm
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News coming from the forums today has turned up a transfer rumour which the vast majority of us would never have expected. Though it is nice that people are suggesting players might be coming in this summer.

There has been a suggestion that with Milan Baros deciding that he’s better off in Germany, that boss David O`leary will turn his attention to a former player of his from his Leeds days (is it me or are we linked with every ex-Leeds player?)

Whilst rather old, Jimmy-Flloyd would present an interesting acquisition for a team already boasting one player in Kevin Phillips who certainly knows (or at least used to know) where the goal is.

Hasselbaink was ditched by ex-villa defender Gareth Southgate as the former England stopper clears out his Boro squad to try and reduce the age of the squad.

There are a couple of points to be raised from this link though. Do we really want another Premiership ‘relic?’ There is also the small problem of his wage demands. His agent claims that he has not made any ‘sky-high’ demands, however he was reportedly offered to Celtic for £40,000/week. The kind of weekly wage that will probably give Villa Supremo Doug Ellis a hernia by itself!

Whilst only a rumour, I thought I’d post it anyway seeing as life as a Villa fan has been a bit dull recently!


25 Replies to “Hasselbaink to Villa?”

  • Doesn’t this seem a bit far-fetched? I mean, sure, he’s still a good player and everthing but Boro to Villa is a sideways move these days, and he in earning silly money where he is. It just doesn’t seem to make sense.

  • think he would do well for u guys and he could score those vital goals that could keep u in the prem

  • Sadly, that’s the phrase – anything that keeps Villa in the Prem will be needed because I reckon it will be a struggle to do so.

  • i think it would be a start, a goalscorer and a free at that! ellis will be salivating im sure! would sell baros and sign some decent young championship players if i were villa.

  • Not sure I like the idea of Hasselbaink as a replacement for Baros. Would rather see Luke or Gabby given a chance rather than another 30+ has been

  • He might be available for free, but his wages would be around £1.5-2million-a-year. A no starter, surely?

  • hes a gd player but do we need more dead wood? sell baros if we find a replacement!

  • The fact is until we sign someone, we will be linked to the majority of available players.

  • When I heard he was being “shipped out” I thought we may be linked, that said his wages and by all account his outspokeness will not be acceptable at Villa. Was a decent goalscorer but you need to create chances for a goalscorer to score and unfortunately

  • I disagree, Tierney, Villa will only be linked with players who have either not cut the mustard elsewhere, or are near to collecting a pension. That’s how bad things have got – and the last thing they need is to throw money at wages and then suffer in the

  • What we need is a diffrent option up front. Phillips gives us that but he’s getting too old and injury prone, I also beleive that he should be played as a link-up man in the “hole”. Maybe Hasselbank on a 1 year roling contract like Arsenal have done wit

  • Funny you should mention Crouch, VOTN, as he is the bookies favourite to score the first goal at Wembley!

  • Like was said many times last summer when we landed Kevin Phillips, if we’d have gone after JFH and somehow managed to pull a deal off five years or so back, I’d have welcomed and applauded the move. But do we really want or need to be going down the last

  • To say that Boro do not think he can do it any longer is incorrect, they just have younger strikers that they believe can either do as well or better or that they believe have the potential to be better but won’t develope unless give the chance, this then

  • I feel for Villa being linked with the old has beens and not being able to compete with the big boys. In my opinion they are a top club with top fans but deadly Doug has F###ed em right up!!

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