Date: 6th July 2006 at 11:21pm
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Nationwide, and internet-based bookies William Hill have already started churning out odd’s on this season, and it turns out that in one of them, Villa are set to be right there in the lead!

Manager David O`leary, who can do no wrong (honest) is 2-1 favourite to be the first Premiership manager to resign/be sacked/mutual agreement etc. Next up is Man City’s Stuart Pearce at 6-1, who after the honeymoon period didn’t do that great. Well, against anyone but Villa!

Take a bow David, you deserve it!


20 Replies to “O`leary set to leave?”

  • ” never ever rated the bloke- i know you think im mad- but just never been a fan of him, get martin oneill in to do a real job”

  • Out with the old Arsenal boy and in with the mighty Glenn Hoddle now there is a man who can lead you to greatness, all be it via a couple of the local mental institutions.

  • The beads, the beads the magical beads, one rub for stay up and two for go down. The only reason why O’Leary wont get sacked is because it will cost Ellis money.

  • Exactly Hoddlesleftnut. That’s the whole problem. In typical Doug fashion he’s got him on a big money contract, f*cked up the clubs finances by being a tight old git and now O’Leary has turned out to be sh*t he can’t afford to sack him. No other manager a

  • ellis really is a jew! o’leary is overrated, did ok at leeds however he did bankrupt the whole club paying astronomical fees for distinctly average players (seth johnson).

  • I’ve said it all before, can’t be bothered to go through the arguments again so I’ll just say; DOL out!!!!! Hopefully followed bt HDE.

  • Villain of the North – O’Leary is a bad manager because OBE HDE is his boss… Trust me, the real problems at Villa go much further than what’s on the field.

  • He is not man enough to resign or he would be long gone, Ellis keeps him because he deflects some of our anger from Ellis himself. O’Neill would be brilliant but would He have anything to do with the fisher man

  • You really shouldnt get us so excited with headlines like that…for a second I was really hoping there was a rumour he was going NOW!

  • Leelindsay, I totally agree that Ellis is the root cause of most problems at VP but I totally disagree that DOL is a poor manager because of Ellis, DOL is just a poor manager and if he wants to prove me wrong elsewhare, he can be my guest and good luck to

  • Question is how the hell did O’leary get us to 6th in the premiership in his first season? Its not as if Graham Taylor left us with much optimism when he left

  • andrew144, DOL got off to a great start by getting rid of all of the dead wood like Hadji and Kashfool. He kept a small squad but they were all decent players. He was also lucky with injuries. Now we’ve got new dead wood like Berger and the Jembas, we’ve

  • I wish we had dead wood in the boardroom oohahPaulMcGrath! Or a dead tennis player! Totally agree with Villain Of The North…you don’t have be a supporter of the team to be passionate…is Stuart Pearce a Man City fan? No and look at the passion he has f

  • I think I’m right in saying the bookies have done fairly well recently. Although the Stuart Pearce second-favourite surprises me. I can see Mourhino being the first and going to manage the Portuguese national side and Sven coming to Chelski…

  • If you want a good laugh, have a look at the latest poll on the Sunderland site. They actually beleive that they are going to get Martin O’Niell!!!! lol

  • Sunderland are at about Martin O’Neill’s level – given that his previous experience is Leicester, Celtic and Wycombe. However, there are rumours starting to circulate that O’Neill is going to get the Aussie job…

  • We’re stuck with O’Leary. If he was going to be repaced then it should have been immediately after the Sunderland game, not 8 games or so into the new season. Every opportunity should have been afforded a new man to shape his team, work with them during a

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