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Have Your Say: Villa Have Been Here Before & We Know How It Ends

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Looked good for a minute didn’t it. Perfect start to silence the crowd and all we needed to do was to keep it at 1-0 for another 20 or so minutes to cement that start. However, in true Aston Villa style, we cock it up straight away. But the way Crystal Palace worked us out so easily after half time – we were not winning that game, despite the early goal.

Writer: Melon Donkey

This is looking like the most ridiculous appointment in our history. Even above Remi Garde. Reason being, where we are in comparison with 2015 in terms of players and, of course, finance.

Said at half time that I bet Leon Bailey is getting pelters on here. He, like most of that team are getting thrown under the bus by the manager. The only time we manage to get the ball to him in a good position ie edge of the box one on one, he stands the Palace player up, cuts in and hits the bar. The rest of the game Bailey is in our half, or with his back to goal. We simply never get to him in the right position for his strength, which is running at players. If you asked anyone in the game what Bailey was about, it sure as hell isn’t playing on the half way line with his back to the goal.

And then what does Stevie G-enius do? Takes Bailey off and puts Danny Ings on, we have two up top and our supposed wide outlets of Matty Cash and Lucas Digne are pinned back and can’t cross the half way line. Absolutely staggering.

And our midfield is so narrow that there is no space for anyone to play. Seriously where was Jacob Ramsey playing – left back? Palace overload the wide areas and Super John McGinn finds himself at right back.

Not once in his interview does Gerrard even talk about his tactics or slightly acknowledge that his game plan was an issue, but the couple of thousand at Selhurst Park saw it for themselves.

This will continue and this will only go one way – we’ve been here before and we know how it ends.

It will get worse if these tactics and this system continue. We might scrape the odd win but the curve will be downward. These players are simply not as bad as they look right now. Not a chance.

So something has to give.


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  • Remote says:

    I’ve been following villa for more years than I care to remember. Have to agree this was the most stupid and unecessary appointment. Those who made the appointment are equally as culpable as Gerrard himself.
    It was never a popular appointment with the supporters – I’m guessing the players aren’t happy either. (They don’t look it)

    Something can still be salvaged if we dispense with Gerrard quickly – let it rumble on until October and the mess may be too much for the next incumbent to clean up.

  • Colin says:

    Excellent article and totally agree, sad to say but SG is tactically inept and if it doesn’t change we are already headed for a relegation battle

  • Andy5759 says:

    Three games into the season and even I am beginning to wonder wtf is going on at Bodymoor. Still too early to call time on SG or other coaches but I’m sure the situation is being closely monitored by senior management.

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