Date: 23rd February 2018 at 4:07pm
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Heartbreaking read this. As he says, everyone goes through grief but it`s so much harder when you are having to do it so publicly.

When asked if going up would be a good way to honour his dad, Bruce said:

“He`d say, ‘Howay son, that`s a bit much,` ” adding, “But he`d want me to be successful. So I`ll do the best I can. Of course, I could do without this — oh God, how I wish to be without it — but I`ll face it head on.”

As we said at the time of the Blues match, it was true showing of the man`s character that he even turned up.

“There are times when we all have to suffer grief, but obviously my job is public, so everybody knows. That horrible pain in the stomach that grief gives you is there. It`s always there. But my mam and dad would want me to get on with it. There`s no alternative, is there?”

He talks of the moment he celebrated the win and I don`t think anyone could bregrudge him showing some emotion surely?

“I don`t know what I was doing or what happened. Maybe I shouldn`t have celebrated, but I was lost in the moment. All the emotion was bubbling out.”

He goes on to explain he just had to be at the match, and that would have been what his dad Joe would have wanted as well. “He would have said, ‘Just do your job, son. No fuss.` That was him, exactly what he was like, the type who quietly got on with things.”

Not only has Steve gone through that, but his mom is seriously ill as well. “It`s heartbreaking, and it`s been the cruellest three weeks. My mam was so independent and fit. She`d get the Metro into town, go shopping, or out to Whitley Bay.”

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