Date: 2nd January 2018 at 1:36pm
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Looks like it is manager hissy fit season.

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson said to BBC Sport:

He said:

‘This was a game too far for us. You try and run two half marathons in two days, with all the speed, tempo, guile, skill and environment.”

That`s the championship for you Lee, it`s relentless and you`ll find the same for all teams. Nice try though.

And bafflingly he added, ‘It was interesting to hear the Villa fans mocking us

Yes, because fans don`t usually enjoy watching their team win 5-0 do they???? It was a magnificent result for us, of course we were in fine voice, oh and the miss a few minutes into the second half was so keystone cops we all thank you for the laughs. (Match highlights – 6 minutes in)

“Bruce flicking the ball all over the gaffe”

Pure comedy! He tried to kick the ball back and miskicked it, to which Bruce joked a bit. This was right at the death. Is Bruce really to be castigated for that?! (Match highlights – 10 minutes in)

He ended “we’re still three points above them. Let’s see where we are at the end. We’ve got to use that as ammunition.’

A fair rallying cry to his troops, however they won`t be above us come the end of the season. FACT!

Thanks for the laughs Lee, I love it when we unsettle an oppo manager so much and thanks for the 3 points and taking the thrashing with such good grace!


5 Replies to “Hilarious Post Match Sulk From Bristol City Manager!”

  • a word of caution,,, this team almost beat wolves,,, and showed enough against us early on to keep villa park very very quiet,,, as their fans they pointed out to us,,,,,
    johnson has done wonders at city this year, and they are having there blip no

  • Very fair comments austin. Certainly be interesting seeing were they are come the end of the season.

  • Could have, should have, wasn’t though Big Dubs? Agree with you, but we could say the same in some games as well I guess. We did invite them on too much at the start for sure.

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