Date: 13th July 2007 at 12:30pm
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As some of you know, I have a little semi detached house in North Wales with a small garden in which there are a few trees and plenty of wild grass. My wife likes the idea of attracting wild life, butterflies
and birds especially and has over the years we’ve lived here, some 12 now, changed things here and there to suit.

Me I’ve had the onerous task of rebuilding it every12 months, to keep up with changing times, and demands on the house. When we moved from our 4 bedroomed cottage up the hill our family consisted of Sue, me and our 4 kids with our little wonder 3 months away from delivery, and my wife’s mom newly moved from Birmingham.

It took the builders from March until August to make the house habitable, the top story, was still partly smoke damaged from an internal fire 4 years previously.

Now nearly 12 years later with just my wife, myself and my youngest here permanently I’m a quarter of the way through rebuilding and redecorating each room on each level and have started, until the weather interrupted to refurbish exterior parts in need.

Its a mammoth task, and a costly one, and one that’s highly disruptive, with scaffolding interrupting our parking arrangements, rooms cluttered with the contents of other rooms in the middle of change, we’ve had weeks with 1 toilet, and 1 shower its been hard. You plan, you organise and I’m good at that as is my wife, but still it can go wrong, the weather is so bad every time they start work it stops them, the guys rebuilding the living room fireplace are both down with the new virus and so on, its a battle, but with compromise, with patience it will all get done, not in the original time frame, or as originally planned, you just have to change to suit.

Martin O’Neill is in a similar position as I write. He’s rebuilding Aston Villa. He’s got more help than me, he’s got more money than me but his job is just as big, ok its bigger. But in its own way just as complicated and I’d suggest he’s under far, far more pressure to get results. He’s removed the rubbish, cut out the weak, maybe too quickly and now he’s looking to buy the materials to fit the plan to enable the dream to come true.

Like me he’s finding it hard, even though in theory he doesn’t have my cost restraints, and I’m sure he’s hit problems, its not going to plan even allowing for his past record of leaving transfers until late. All
around him the support work goes on, with improvements at every corner, his partners are doing their part well enough but there are huge delays, essential personnel change their mind, need more money, have better options and so on.

Luckily for me, time is on my side, I’ve planned around visits from kids, from friends and from business colleagues, they can accept the chaos, the parking restrictions, but O’Neill has different pressures, he has much less leeway, far more demands. For him having removed the weakness’ within the structure he’s only just started replacing, it will be weeks yet before its imbedded and working as well as required.

The other parts needed for the basic structure are still missing, the house will soon start to wobble and crumble unless they are not only bought in but fixed, fully prepared, and decorated ready to go. Even then when its done it will take time to see if the original plan was all that was expected,but it has to be done first.

For me my structure is done its just decoration and finishing, time consuming as it is. O’Neill on the other hand has a long way to go just to get the structure sound, and his time restraints mean he doesn’t have much longer left, could he be considering compromises, we initially didn’t but we don’t have his money, but I have a feeling to meet his deadline he will have to, we had to eventually.

Trouble is in the long run, as I found when I made such compromises before, in time they come back to cost you more to put right.

I wonder if in time he will too?


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  • Another Doom and Despair article from our very own Harbinger of Doom. Well done for pointing out the obvious with a fairly basic analogy.

  • Maybe he would enlighten us with who was his preference to M’ON. As those who read the forums will know, M’ON was not his first choice of manager but he has been unprepared to actually say who was. It is probably asking to much for construtive, not destructive critisism.

  • Pertinent points and as one with Blind optimism I would perhaps beg to differ, but as time goes on 48 may be proved not far wrong

  • I think it`s a fairly balanced view,MON was my 1st choice as manager but if other people had a different view then what is wrong with that? Why does everyone slate anybody who dares question the current set-up? I think you must be blind to not be concerned that all clubs seem to be strengthening apart from us.

  • This is getting boring now, find yourself a hobby or double your input into your housing project and leave the football matters to MON and Randy’s team. Judge them on August 31st, not now, some people should realise what a minefield negotiations can be with players and agents, players will arrive, thats for sure. Putting football clubs into the position to be playing the likes of Real, Sevilla, Milan and Barcelona doesn’t happen overnight and either do the players who are capable of that. We have a talented young squad, a few additions will be fine, I’d rather have three quality players come in than six half decent ones. Then next season build on that. I DON@T WANT TO END UP LIKE LEEDS UTD !!!!

  • Aspinall – he’s not getting slated but EACH and EVERYONE of his article has an underlying slant of negativity towards MON. Unjustified. Without MON Blues would be looking down from the Premiership on us. He has undone years of neglect by previous regimes and 48 never ever recognises this. If we were to all agree with 48 then we’d be slitting wrists. Just so negative. All the best managers miss out on targets not just MON and there is no recognition of this at all. MON isn’t untouchable and neither is AVFC48.

  • I think it is all about opinions. Many of us have different views to 48. It doesn’t make them right or wrong. Sometimes you need views that are the flip side of the coin, in order to maintain a sense of perspective. My gripe is that 48 consistently has a dig at M’ON, and he often tells us that last August, M’ON wasn’t his 1st choice of managers that were available to take on the Villa job. But he fails to inform us of who was his choice. It is not such a difficult question is it?

  • Why would Blues be looking down on us if not for MON ? I like the bloke but seems quite a lot of Villa fans have this blind faith in him which i can`t understand,it needs to be fair both ways as we`ve had an 11th place finish so far and currently our squad is probably 3 players short from improving that position.Someone on another debate mentioned the word ” Genius ” when talking about MON?? Yes,we need to give him deadline day before we all scream and shout but we do seem to be underprepared ( at the mo ) considering in 10 days we start playing games.

  • Does 48 actualy support Villa ? I mean by passing through the turnstyles every week ? or is one of these passive supprters that watches Prem Plus ? A better choice than MON ? Fergie, Wenger, Ancellotti, Cappello, Raneiri may possibly drop into this bracket judging them on thair success. Maybe he should send his CV into Villa Park just in case.

  • astonmilan I can confirm thay 48 is indeed very much a Villa supporter. His past credentials are up their with the best. Although he doesn’t come as often nowadays because it takes 2 hours to reach the motorway after a game?????? However we also now have an answer to who he would rather have had the job in preference to M’ON. It was Jurgen Klinsmann. Yes that Jurgen Klinsmann. The one who commuted to Germany when managing his country and who left after 2 years because of the demands of the job. And because he wanted to revert back to his original lifestyle, with his family in California. That Jurgen Klinsmann. The one who has never managed a football club before or after his stint as German manager. Apparently he would have been a better bet for the future of Aston Villa than the manager who has won more silverware than any manager outside the top four. You have to give it to 48. He is a genius. Jurgen Klinsmann. Who would have thought???

  • Voiceoftheholte, if I had no arms or legs it would take me around 50 minutes to get to the motorway from VP !! Jurgan Klinsman !! the ‘Jurgan who took the ball a yard over the line before crossing it back for a goal for Inter against Villa in the San Siro Klinsman’ F**k me, I take it all back, 48 your are a footballing genius, I just can’t believe I never thought of that one, MON is s**t compared to him OBVIOUSLY.

  • Agree with the thoughts on that fella. However there is an issue regarding disabled access to and from the ground. This is something that has brought to the Generals attention and is being looked after by the man himself. So maybe the ‘no arms and legs’ bit may be taken out of context by some.

  • Not to be disrepectful to disabled people, but the ‘General’ was in command during the first ‘Gulf War’ and is responsible for removing a lot of arms and legs, including a few of my comrades. Maybe someone else would be better at helping disabled people and their needs !!

  • I enjoyed the article, don’t see it as doom and gloom, just a fan expressing his opinions and raising questions.

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