Date: 1st September 2006 at 2:25pm
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Is Ellis Right To Interfere?

Reports from the Telegraph newspaper today suggests that Ellis tried to scupper the signing of Stilian Petrov stating the transfer fee would make Villa insolvent. He stated that Lerner should front the money himself but Lerner’s advisors decided against this. Apparently because Lerner is only the majority shareholder and not the owner, he is not prepared to invest his own money yet.

Is Ellis interfering or does he have the right motives? Would this also account for the lack of transfer activity?

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  • i dont see how this story washes as they were also prepared to buy miner yesterday…i think its just a bit of trouble making from the media.

  • Im sure I speak for most Villains on this…..P*ss off Ellis you stupid old tw*t, you do not need to prove you are a penny pinching self loving selfish old git ….. we believe you already. We know you have made a fortune from our misery and that you woul

  • What about Doug fronting some of the £20m he’s just trousered ? Say, £10m towards new players – a thank you gift to Villa fans who’ve had to put up with the old lush all these years!

  • He’s right about the borrowing, however it’s a short term fix. Lerner will invest shortly and any loss made this financial year will be cleared. Smoke your bothered pipe Ellis.

  • Don’t worry boys! Transfer window is over, we have signed our no: 1 target, and only 3 days to go until the Ellis era is officially over.

  • Like it or not, Ellis is still CEO and is still responsible, together with all the other “288” executive directors keeping the company solvent. However as CEO he has authorised the signing and therefore the club is probably insolvent. The bank overdraft m

  • must admit, it does look like a paper whisper, although…….

    That said, I think we’d all have settled for no more Doug, no more DOL, + MON and RL in, not to mention Petrov. Shame about Milner but hey ho, happy days!

  • I thought Ellis gave Martin O’Neil money to spend on players so if what it says is true that Ellis tried to stop the deal it means that Ellis never gave money to O’Neil after all or that he doesn’t want O’Neil spending his money especially £8m

  • Lerner’s advisors were right to advise him not to put in his own cash until Ellis was out of the way. The Telegraph article indicated that Ellis implied that Lerner may pull out of the deal after the money was inversted in new players, me thinks it would

  • Douglas Ellis is a proud and honourable man and Aston Villa Fans would be well advised to regard him in the heroic light he so duly deserves. As we all know Doug Ellis began life in a poor family with a widowed mother. Before he was 40, he had become a mi

  • It sounds to me a load of Tosh made up by the papers as the transfer went through. I am sure Ellis was sweating though, but he has the right until 3 more days.

  • Cpt. Mainwaring.. Sod off you pish taker. If Ellis was really that great, why has every single outgoing manager been held by a gag order from the Senile tw*t? Was it to stop them singing his praises to the press on their exit? Or was it because he’s impos

  • How can you question the man that invented the bicycle kick and awarded an OBE for his services to football?

  • Cpt… yeah i heard that one too. It made me laugh. Apparently the first historically recorded use of the bicycle kick was 16 years before Ellis was born. What a lying tw*t. You know he also was the first man in space, and does a mean MJ moonwalk?

  • ooooo yea no one can do a moonwalk like Doug Ellis did you know he taught wacko Jacko to do it. no one an beat that man at that

  • Why should anybody pay 100% for anything if, they will only own 70% of the purchase ?

    Until Randy Learner buys the club and runs the board Doug Ellis might have a say, it is only paper talk…Again.

  • could be true, could be just last minute media bo**ocks, doesn’t matter the best signing of the decade is MON, and TUS How the hell did you manage to take that seriously??????????? nice, UP THE VILLA

  • The sooner the old sod is completely out of the Villa Park picture, the better this great club of our will be. I daresay he was very much involved, or attempted to be very much involved with the pre-deadline dealings, attempting to screw things up in the

  • I with the pongo(I sure he can’t smell as bad as the guy I used to work with)gidman. I Ellis truely loved the Villa he’d splash some of his ill gotten gains. – Anyone herd of a dictator becoming a benefactor though? Not likely

  • Steff.. yeah i know, lol. I think its just a sensitive issue for me. Still, it felt good to rant for a while…

  • tylervilla, you do indeed speak for most Villa fans and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Get stuffed Doug !

  • for starters, capt mainlyworn should go back to the army toilet and dump one rather than do it here. maybe ellis felt a need to say something, is that not what we are used to? he is old now. nearly gone. cheerio el presidente. the clean air is blowing aro

  • I hope Ellis won’t turn into our very own ‘Nearly headless Nick” and haunt the club. I think the first order of the day is to tear down and burn all reference of Ellis at the club. He hasn’t contributed one iota to this club so why should he be allowed to

  • Captain, are you ModernMaroon?

    Randy, make Ellis buy his season ticket!. He has held us back since ’83 and even now, continues to do so. Roll on September 4th!

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