Date: 3rd August 2006 at 8:00pm
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I must admit, if this happens, I’ll be gobsmacked!?

Reports have suggested that Martin O’Neill will join Aston Villa before Doug Ellis leaves. One went as far as to say that O’Neill will be taking the biggest gamble of his career.

To be honest I dismissed this, and the report in the Mail saying the manager could be installed in time for the pre-season tour of Germany and Holland this weekend. I’d not thought that O’Neill would touch Villa with a bargepole whilst Ellis remained, but maybe – just maybe – he will with the sure fire thought that a takeover has to happen sooner or later?

Seems the whispers in footballing circles are getting louder as well. O’Neill certainly seems more than a little interested in this great club and it makes sense – having waited (and like us waited and waited and waited) for the takeover to be resolved – that maybe he is thinking that he has to be in now to get the team prepared and ready?

We live in strange times if this happens, he’d surely be the most popular managerial appointment for a decade? I’d have thought Big Ron Atkinson was the last manager that most seemed to want.

Not sure what the appointment would do for the fans anger on the Ellis issue, surely things have gone too far this time for Ellis to once again get off the hook? A manager like O’Neill will want to build something at Villa, to do that he’ll need some funds and leadership from the top.

Time will tell, nothing seems to shock anymore!


31 Replies to “Is O’Neill Really Villa Bound?”

  • I am praying that he does come in soon – as we still have a season to prepare for – and there would be no one better to get that right than O’Neill.

  • of course he’ll take oer, everyone knows, it, expects it and if he didn’t now it would need a huge pr excercise from him to explain it away.
    I’m sure he will have some agreeemnt in place which includes a takeover if it is ever allowed to happen and with

  • This just seems to go on and on and on. The only thing that gives me the slightest optimism is the fact that O’Neill hasn’t dismissed us out of hand. On the other hand all we have is certain members of the press making headlines like “O’Neill in 48hrs”etc

  • be great if he becomes ure manager, u might have some sucess then, btw i like the new boader

  • Ellis staying for this season or beyond is too depressing to even think about. He has to go. I don’t think O’Neill would be desperate enough to come without assurances that Doug was selling up. Those two could clearly never work together for long.

  • I think crazy Doug is waiting to make both the takeover and new manager announcements at the same time, tus saving him shelling out for the tea and biscuits twice.

  • If I am correct any news has to be announced to the Stock exchange first so I think the time to watch out for anything is about 7.30am when the stock exchange opens.

  • Any chance that he jumped before he was pushed(Aitkin-get well soon) and knows MON will join up with the squad? We seriously need some form of leadership to show the other teams in the league we are not the joke they think we are.

  • I think weve missed him ! …I also think Doug Selling up isn’t going to happen, ….I think Eliis will unveil a new board and a new manager (NOT MON) – and say that non of the bidders ‘put a bid in’ …the fact that his lack of co operation meant it was

  • Several Sources are now reporting O Neil will make an announcement Tommorrow. ….I fear the worst….O Neil is making the statement, not neccesarily villa. Well you you wouldn’t announce a non appointment would you ?

  • Be positive Villa is the only job he has been linked with and like you said you would’nt announce a non appointment would you ? would you!!

  • wot I meant was ….I would be a lot happier if the club had called a press conference….but if O Neil is making the announcement…I fear the worst…..
    although as you say, there are no other clubs in for him 🙂

  • Many of the correspondents are missing the point. Regardless of whether or not MON does become our manager and I hope he does, the important thing is for all supporters to keep the pressure on Ellis. If Ellis has not gone by the time of the first home

  • Everything I have read about O’Neill suggests he isnt a gambler and will take his time, so I dont expect him to jump in while Doug remains in charge.

  • Take back everything I just said!!! Looks like he’s coming tommorow! OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the Ellis out chanting tho guys… this doesnt apease us does it!!!

  • Fingures crossed the hype is true. O’Neal and Randy, Someone pinch me. Or i’l just read tommorows news which will know dout tell a different story.

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