Date: 3rd October 2018 at 6:28pm
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It was with a heavy heart that I dug out my ‘Villa never win when I wear this’ jumper yesterday and wore it to the match last night. It was done in the hope that it would work its (black) magic and the failure to get three points would see Bruce depart. And that claret sweat top,
circa 1997, with the Reebok logo duly did its job.

I never disliked Bruce, I thought he was honest and committed and did his best but he was a busted flush when it came to being successful with one Championship team too far. And last night epitomised the failings that we have come to expect.

Team selection was wrong. Why play the very limited Bunn when the perfect game for Nyland to gain some steadiness was at home to the bottom team in the league? And Bunn’s limitations were predictably exposed. Why Grealish out wide again when you should be playing your best player in his best position and fitting the others around him?

And at half-time, what on earth was the team talk which surrendered the advantage to Preston who clearly only had one option, which was to go for it? And, by the way, Steve it was a penalty given against Chester whose restoration to the captaincy by you seems to have sent him

And, finally, why didn’t you stop Whelan taking the penalty which ironically may have kept you in a job? There was plenty of time while Bjarnasson was being given treatment to see Whelan waiting, ball in hand, to take the spot kick and to prevent it.

I’ve just seen the list of bookmakers’ favourites to replace SB and have shuddered. The top 6 comprise:

Thierry Henry 5/2 (fav)
Sam Allardyce 3/1
Dean Smith 6/1
Mick McCarthy 6/1
Alan Pardew 8/1
Nigel Pearson 10/1

Apart from Smith who I rate, Allardyce and Pardew would immediately drive me away from VP and the other three are as underwhelming as you can get. So let’s pray that the owners with the help of Mendes have got a new Nuno or similar stashed away somewhere.

Writer: Beanz


5 Replies to “It Was With A Heavy Heart That I Dug Out My ‘Villa Never Win When I Wear This’ Jumper Yesterday”

  • I assume Beanz wrote the above and I find it hard to feel upset by it. Whatever faults Bruce has it does not excuse his dismissal at this stage in the proceedings after such a turmoil over the summer and trying to put together half-a-team’s worth of replacements for those that have left.

    I say that the team let him down; they missed many goal chances in the first few matches which would have seen us lying in the top three by now, apart from the defensive errors.

    Do you honestly think that the next manager will last more than 2 years? I very much doubt it given the nature of fans’ opinion (that has caused this departure).

    I think I might switch to rugger. Despite the scrums I think it’s a kinder game off the pitch.

    • Sorry John, I don’t find myself in disagreement with you often but as a recent Bruce backer until he turned on the fans en mass because he entrenched and couldn’t choose his words more carefully.

      He turned the spirit around yes, he changed the mood. This season was about going on the front foot and despite early signs he quickly slipped back into old defensive routines that handcuffs the players we actually have. He chose to sideline Tommy Elphick and sanction the loan with no replacement in place. He chooses to put Mile Jedinak in the firing line in defence. He chooses to continually play people out of position to accommodate his favourites. He chooses to start games without wingers yet end games without strikers. He chose to spend months talking about how he was held back in his plan to have Jack Grealish play the support role but then sticking him out on the wing so he can say we have two up front, when we don’t because Kodjia is wide. It’s all become a bit too much Paul Lambert crossed with Alex McLeish’s ‘I had four forwards on the pitch’, even though three of them were in midfield and defence.

      Bruce went down the rabbit hole, the cabbage was an utter disgrace but this is in both our best interests in my humble. Bruce has been given far more patience and backing than many, valid criticisms are long standing and not new, so claims from some that this is kneejerk are as much as disgrace as the cabbage.

      Did fans cause this, yes. On the back of Bruce, with all due understanding, losing the thread. I wish him the absolute best, and I’m glad the atmosphere didn’t get worse as he didn’t deserve it and I don’t believe he deserved what he’s took so far. But any manager who rabbit holes and criticises the fans (not the first time) but slips up the second time has marked his own card.

  • I agree with your assessment Mike, Dean Smith aside, the list looks dismal. We mustn’t take another recycled flop, nor a good player/untried manager option. The problem is that directors/owners often hanker after headline names, rather than talent.

    I just hope this ‘opportunity’ is not addressed with the usual mistake so many clubs make.

    Let’s get a good tactical man, who does have a clear plan. Just bringing in ‘names’ and hoping they will naturally blend in not enough.

    With up to a dozen destined to leave at the end of the season (excluding loanees), the new man needs to get a grip of tbe squad and prioritise balancing out the positional cover. We have some good takent and, equally, many that need to move on. It is a big job to sort out and a tyro is not the answer.

    • Sorry Tony, not me as writer – Beanz as credited at the bottom dude on this one. I don’t make that much sense!

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