Date: 7th January 2010 at 10:51am
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Warning the following article contains the worst similie I’ve ever heard. It’s that bad I’m not even sure it’s a similie.

For a change it’s not mine either, I give full credit to the Official Site for this one.

‘Despite the cold snap our central defensive ace says the competition for places at Villa is red hot.’

Source: Paul Brown – take a bow, he’s my new hero!

Anyhoo…Carlos has been waxing lyrical about the options Villa now have in defence, especially the two positions he’s had the pleasure of performing in so far this campaign.

Obviously at centre half he’s partnering Richard Dunne, and managing to keep out James Collins still – then there’s Curtis to return from injury at some point.

As our emergency non right wing right back, we also have the ever impressive Luke Young, and Habib Beye.

‘It’s great for the club to have so much competition for places,’ adding in the obvious that competition keeps everyone on their toes in training and helps them reach their best performances on the pitch for fear of being dropped.

He also comments that the spirit within the team has never been higher, and that for himself, as long as he’s playing he doesn’t care where it is.

‘I’m happy to play anywhere as long as I’m in the 11 players who start the game,’ and in his own opinion he’s becoming more accustomed to the right back slot and believes his performances there are improving.

‘I’m not going to say I prefer to play in the middle – I just prefer to play.’

I’ll say it then, I prefer it when he plays in the middle!

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