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“Let Lambert Be A Lesson” – Villa Need To Go Back To Basics After Wolves Disaster


There’s no certainty in football, that’s one of the beauties of it. All teams and managers get one put over them one time or another. I hate us losing, but I don’t think simplistic whacking blame on individuals is the answer. There is a bigger picture, which is what matters.

Writer: McParlandTheGreat

What concerns me at the moment is this.

We’ve come off the back of a good season. Something to build upon, and building on it matters a lot. Jack Grealish going doesn’t help that, but it doesn’t destroy it either. We’ve made some good signings, all designed to take us forwards. But I don’t get the sense we are building in that way.

We’ve changed direction, by going 3-5-2. Players who were a big part of where we got to last season are warming the bench, with apparently no chance of getting on as substitutes. It’s not obvious where players brought in, like Bailey, are going to fit in. Players are getting on the field who aren’t as good as those left out, e.g. Tuanzebe, and maybe Ramsey. Maybe Dean Smith thinks he needs to change tack as a result of Snake2 going. He doesn’t. Maybe he just wants to try something different. It’s a mistake.

Let Lambert be a lesson. Every time we got to the end of a season seeing signs of things beginning to progress he’d rip it up in the summer with nonsensical signings and went in a different direction.

Last season we ended with a good base to build on, with players comfortable with the system. We suffered when Snake2 wasn’t playing but we were getting used to it and we’ve bought over the summer to rectify it.

Time to take a hard look at our strengths and build on them.

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