Date: 29th May 2006 at 11:17am
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I always preface these sort of articles by saying I can’t be 100% and it could all be speculation. However, I have it from a very good source ‘close to the club’ that Luke Moore is on the verge of a surprise move to Fulham FC.

My source says that Luke Moore is down in London as we speak looking for a place to live.

Moore, who scored 8 Premiership goals last season and still found himself frozen out of the team as David O’Leary looked to ‘shake him up’, did voice his concerns and his agent was quoted as saying the player would like some assurances as to his future, especially after he saw Gabriel Agbonlahor sneak in front of him in the pecking order.

Seems that Lee Hendrie will also be off soon and we have a very unhappy central defender who would like to exit Villa Park after the World Cup. Hmmm, who could that be?

Cost cutting all round, so we either need a takeover or to brace ourselves for a very (VERY) rocky season (again).

You heard it here first folks, unless it turns out not to be so, then forget where you heard it!


20 Replies to “Luke Moore To Fulham *Exclusive*”

  • If the price is right fine. However I expect Doug will allow him to go for around £1.5 million. He will then course become a superstar and Fulham will sale him on for £8 million next season. Villa the new subject for business for dummies.

  • I feel ill. This better not be true. He’d be my #1 for next season after we cash in on Baros for a nice new midfield !!

  • Moore wants to be guaranteed to be the number 1 or 2 striker next season which i dont think any club should oblige to. Let him go but not on the cheap.

  • Ellis said he was banking on his home grown players….Davis next? Ah i now know what he means by “banking”.

  • WELL THE BOOKIES HAVE US AS 2/1 TO GET RELEGATED NEXT SEASON!!! ( speaks volumes !!) And with HDE selling the family silver i would agree with them!!!

  • Unless we get big money for him, why bother, as regards Melberg I would not be too sorry, he was very poor last season and lacks leadership qualities.

  • everton were 2/1 a few seasons ago for relagtion, then they finished 4th…the lads cant/wont let us down like they did last season

  • Like I said above if Ellis IS ” selling the family silver, I will agree with the bookies ” and for us to finish 4th is the same odds as us winning the premiership!! If things stay as they are ie- ellis / o’dreary and selling the best players the writings

  • This is ridiculous. Just as he was starting to show he could cut it in the prem we let him go. Even at £2million we’d have probably spent more than that training him up since the age of 14!

  • I can certainly see this happening. I f you are not in O’Learys plans then you are best out of it, and the way Luke disappeared at the end of the last season speaks volumes. Also his brother is in west London with QPR

  • As I say, things like this aren’t 100%, but it would be a bizarre sale if it turns out to be true. Be interesting to see what the fee is if the report turns out to be true.

  • I know that HDE is a BIG problem at VP but O’Leary just has this knack of contradicting himself, lyeing, alienating players and generally insulting people’s inteligence and integrity. Can we please get rid of this clown, a good manager would have him fig

  • I dont believe this story. Who would start to look for a house until the deal had been done? After the WC and when Baros has been sold (which is more certain) Luke will get more starts! And so will Agonlahor

  • Luke is class, minute for minute best striker in the premiership last season -selling him is typical of Villas decline.

  • On the official website, Steve Stride talked about the recent academy graduates and how Villa can really build for the future. He, rather ominously, mentioned several names but Moore’s was conspicuous by it’s abscence. 🙁

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