Date: 29th May 2006 at 5:14pm
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Milan Baros has insisted that he isn’t looking to use the World Cup any kind of springboard to leave Aston Villa.

Reports have linked our top scorer with moves to Monaco or Paris St Germain, as well as a ridiculous link to Portsmouth, but Baros says he knows nothing of the reports and is just focused on the World Cup and the Czech Republic.

He told Sky Sports: ‘I know absolutely nothing, all these things go past me. I am fully concentrated only on the World Cup and if some news gets to me, I don’t even want to comment on it. My priorities for now are the World Cup and Czech Republic national team.’

He also said ‘I don’t take it so,’ when asked if the World Cup was a springboard to move away from Villa.


7 Replies to “No World Cup Springboard For Baros”

  • Baros is one of those rare players who plays better for his country than his club. If Gerrard did the same for England, you’d be laughing. And, even though he might not consider the WC to be a springboard, there’s no doubt that managers, owners and scouts

  • Baros is one of those rare players who plays better for his country than his club

    agree with that

  • I think that we’ve all pretty much accepted that he’s off to pastures new once Germany is done and dusted, only questions are where to, and how much?

  • I think if he did move it would be to either Blackburn or Newcastle, simpley because they are looking for a well know striker to go with there others, Belemy and Owen

  • I think he wants to stay but maybe Villa are ushering him towards the door.. I hope he stays, he’s the most threatening player we’ve had in years.

  • I cant see him moving to another premiership club though Linvoy#1. I dont think any premier team would be prepared to pay the asking price, which presumably would be an absolute minimum of 8m surely? I also cant see Ellis being willing to offload him to o

  • True, if not a preiership club, then proberbly a club in spain… they like players with a lot of speed over there. There was also a rumour that Barcelona wanted him to replace Larson who went back to his homeland. They would pay you alot of money for him

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