Date: 14th August 2010 at 8:07pm
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Well us front seat sitters got saturated today from rain and hail and did we care? Not one jot.

That was magic, best game I’ve seen down Villa Park in years. We played crisp, clean, passing football. We attacked, we didn’t worry about sideways and backwards, we … I say we, I didn’t actually have to do anything, maybe I should say they? Nah, sod it, WE… the 12th man was in fine voice after all….

where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? (Imagine having to live with a scatty brain like this? Drives me mad, so no idea how anyone else feels…)

Oh yes, we certainly didn’t have to resort to long ball at all. It was lovely football. Some might say that West Ham were ‘that’ bad, I’d argue you can only play who are in front of you and if we’d not been on our guard, West Ham would have made us pay.

We could have been five up by half time, John Carew had a couple of chances that he – unusually for him I must say – missed and it also looked like he was brought down and that we could have had a penalty. I’ve not seen the replay, it was close whether the foul was in or just outside the box, no matter the ref didn’t give anything at all …! Will watch that with interest.

The atmosphere seemed good down there today, the players and caretaker manager I’m sure didn’t know what to expect reception wise, nor did Randy Lerner I’d suspect. What we needed to do was to get off to a flyer and off to a flyer we got off to! So much different to our first home game last season that is for sure.

The Villa fans, as usual, showed their class, they backed the team and Kevin MacDonald to the hilt and even had a chorus of ‘one Randy Lerner’ which must have been music to his ears. Long way to go this season as we all know and big decisions still to be made but taking a game at a time, today was a joy to watch.

The first goal was by Downing after the very lively Marc Albrighton had a shot saved. Next up none other than Stiliyan Petrov who appeared to have a bit more license to get forward and attack today? Then came the third, this one in the second half, and from a very surprise inclusion. Yup, none other than James Milner. Must say, whether he becomes James Mi£ner or stays at ‘our Milner’ he didn’t let us down today and if you’ve not seen the goal, stay in and watch match of the day. It was very well taken. Oh come on James, don’t go to City and sit on the bench, stay at Villa and be a hero!

All in all… and I apologise I don’t have the match patter with he did this and he did that, I have sort of given up on those types of match reports as you can get them anywhere.. this was a superb day all round. The fans were magnificent, the players looked like they were enjoying themselves on the pitch and Kevin MacDonald could not have dreamt of a better response from his players.

His players? For how long? If he keeps them playing like this and we keep winning… well, who knows?!

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 8
didn’t put a foot wrong

Stephen Warnock 8
didn’t put a foot wrong… you can see where I’m going with this can’t you?

Richard Dunne 8
solid as you would expect of the Dunney Man.

Ciaran Clarke 8
didn’t look out of place at all

Luke Young 8
SO glad to see him back in the team, lets get him sorted on a new contract and keep him, a proper right back, he even got in an attacking position and nearly scored at one point

Marc Albrighton 9
lovely player, man of the match

Stiliyan Petrov 8
nice goal, great contribution, top notch

James Milner 9
Well, 9 if he is staying, £ if he isn’t!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Young 8
looks on form already, watch out PL

Stewart Downing 8
Scored, hit the bar, got forward, looked good.

John Carew – you tell me
Ok, you help me on this one… 6 or is that mean? 7 maybe? Thought Carew played well, got in the right positions but if you are going to be harsh, could only give him 6 out of 10 because he missed three golden opportunities. Others buried their chances today so those misses weren’t as crucial, but if they hadn’t then it would have been different. He would usually get at least one of those chances.

Reo-Coker (85) on for Milner

Weimann (87) on for Ashley Young

Manager Rating
Kevin MacDonald 10… perfect start, long may it continue. All the frustrations from MON swept away with hoof ball consigned to the bin?

Had an early call in to have a look at the new healthy menu, the 2 second beer pump and then got a nice sample of a Heinekin poured in two seconds. Will do something on the food etc in the week. Some great improvements I think. Also had a lovely rare beef bap in the Holte Suite. Hmmmm, nice!


14 Replies to “Magic Day – Villa v Hammers!”

  • Quite right mate, best game for years. So refreshing after the dross we have been sitting through. I have got all my enthusiasm back after just one game. Wigan at home this time last year seems a very distant memory now.

  • Harsh on Carew. Thought he had a great game. If his misses had cost us then thats a different story, but its an 8 from me.

  • Definitely one of the best, if not THE best match i have seen for a very long time. It really was a pleasure to watch, the players put everything they had into the game and i loved every second!
    Albrighton was definitely man of the match, i was desperat

  • I was a supporter of you know who but oddly I didn’t feel sorry when he walked. The team played with the knowledge that very few places are guaranteed any more . Great to see Albrighton start as I think he was our player of the pre-season !!!!

  • Brilliant. I would give Carew more than a 6, he missed chances but I feel he played a very important part thoughtout

  • I text my mate as I was leaving the ground that it was the best home league performance in years. So glad so many people agree with me. Buzzin’ tonight. Martin who? Super Kev MacDonald’s the Man! 🙂

  • Daddy Daddy cool! Marty Marty who? like miss polite I was a supporter of the unmentionable one until last Monday and then after the shock had worn off then the anger set in at the unmentionable one ‘how dare he do this 5 days before the start of the seaso

  • We’re definitely in the hunt for seventh…..enjoyed the day immensely and I even got a wave from Fear!

  • Very lucky there John, the bugger never waves at me. Hope you didn’t get cleaned out at the club shop. As for the Villa what can you say that hasn’t been said, I thought the boys played tremendous today, super, they were magnificent, fantastic, so they we

  • Very lucky there John, the bugger never waves at me. Hope you didn’t get cleaned out at the club shop. As for the Villa what can you say that hasn’t been said, I thought the boys played tremendous today, super, they were magnificent, fantastic, so they we

  • Brilliant game with all the players putting in a magnificent effort. Please Randy give Kev McDonald the chance. Was great to see us score and then go on to look for more rather than defending the 1 goal. Allbrighton was fantastic.

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