Steven Gerrard is one of the favourites to get sacked

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The world of football is known for its many betting opportunities. Within a single match you can bet on a wide range of odds, in different categories. It can be a great way to make the matches more interesting, and perhaps make a league or a whole season much more exciting to follow.

However, there are not only the wins and other occurrences in the matches you can bet on, you can also bet on managers’ stacked odds. Betting on which manager will lose their job has been around in the football betting scene for a long time, and it is a way to use your knowledge and talent spotting to pick out who you think is doing the worst job.

As an Aston Villa fan you might be familiar with many types of betting, and odds in the Premier League. If you are yet not familiar with the ways of betting, or perhaps do not know what to bet on, you can have a look at betting.com’s Premier League betting guide to learn some tips and tricks that might help your betting.

Steven Gerrard

One of the favourites to get stacked is Steven Gerrard, the trainer of Aston Villa. Gerrard is a former professional player that spent most of his career as a central midfielder for Liverpool and at the English national team. He also captained both the teams, and have been described by fellow professionals as one of his generation’s greatest players. He is now managing Aston Villa, which he has only been doing since 2021.

While his past may be impressive and merited, he is not doing the best job at managing Aston Villa. People are saying that it is time for Gerrard to stop talking a good game, but rather manage one. This is also the reason why he is one of the favourites for the next Premier League manager sacked odds, where he is in second after Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl.

The pressure is on

Fans and tabloids are definitely not quiet about the bad performance of Steven Gerrard, and he is under more pressure than ever. There is a lack of identity, a struggling defense and no sign of improvements which are all a cause of the clubs poor placement in this season’s Premier League. They are currently placed as number 16th on the charts, with their five last matches ending in one loss, three ties and only a single win.

Despite this the manager is still determined to ‘ride out the storm’, and both him and the club are undoubtedly in an interesting position that we are intrigued to follow even closer in the matches to come. Could the upcoming matches against Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford and Newcastle be their arena to do a comeback?

Next Premier League manager sacked odds

4/9 Ralph Hasenhuttl (Southampton)

3/1 Steven Gerrard (Aston Villa)

4/1 Brendan Rodgers (Leicester)

16/1 Steve Cooper (Nottingham Forest)

18/1 Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)

25/1 Antonio Conte (Tottenham)

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