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Do Villans Get Their Club Back Now Mr Purslow – Was Fulham Too Far For Even You


I picked a hell of a week to fall ill and be forced offline with what I assume is this years’ flu strain. Imagine my surprise at semi returning to the world of normal life this morning to find that not only one complete idiot, who was never to be blamed for anything, had been kicked out of office – Liz Truss has also gone.

Both were inevitable ultimately, hoisted by their own petards, their own plans, their own inability to deliver them – whilst both having faith in themselves that was shared by absolutely no one else live or dead.

Thanks for the endless media Liverpool obsession Stevie, I’m sure it’ll be our fault and not your complete inability to do anything remotely useful…we’ll always have that first month won’t we!

As an neutral outsider might say (one who appreciates a great player doesn’t always mean a great man in charge of a backroom team that looks like 30 strong who are simply doing what he should be doing anyway), whilst we saw hope and were initially impressed, the players stepped up a gear until you threw them under the bus and picked media fights to try and cover your own shortcomings, they realised what the majority of fans did – you didn’t have a scooby and you were never ready for this level.

Don’t you hide Christian, this is squarely on you – Dean Smith couldn’t take us to where we wanted to be, so you go for Stevie…was the aim back to the Championship?

“Inconsistency has cost us, that’s the position we find ourselves in. I took over the team in a very similar situation. We’ve tried to recruit to get us out of that situation,” he told the BBC.

Not as inconsistent as this, not having thrown our transfer plan out the window to please you, and certainly not having signed your favourites who you still couldn’t get a tune out of.

Is the problem still really not you?


Oh, do I need to say we got hammered by Fulham? There’s needs to be a massive and speedy turnaround for the much loved and quoted ‘waiting list’ to still exist at the end of this season given everything fans have been told to swallow on the back of a pointless vanity project.

Let’s get this one right now shall we, and get back on that upward curve where we talk more genuinely about Europe – and not for a holiday.

Who Will Purslow Choose Next?

Liz Truss

Liz Truss

Basil Brush

Basil Brush

Barry From EastEnders

Barry From EastEnders

A Random Passer By

A Random Passer By

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In the Old Trafford clash with Manchester United back in the inaugural Prem campaign, Steve Staunton opened the scoring – but how?

3 – 0
Aston Villa

Craven Cottage

Premier League

20/10/2022 8:30 pm

Attendance: 23508

Referee: Michael Oliver

Fulham Aston Villa
Reed (36), Mitrovic (pen 68), Mings (og 84)
Leno Martinez
De Cordova-Reid Konsa
Diop Bednarek 45
Ream Mings
Robinson Young
Kebano 85 J Ramsey 81
Reed 73 Douglas Luiz
Pereira 87 McGinn
Lobo Alves Palhinha Goncalves Bailey
Willian 73 Watkins
Mitrovic 84 Ings 69


Rodak Cash 45
Tosin Sanson
Duffy Buendia 58
Wilson 85 Chambers
Cairney 73 Nakamba
James 73 Coutinho
Mbabu Olsen
Alves Morais 84 Dendoncker 69
Harris 87 Archer 81

Game Statistics

18 Goal attempts 12
8 On Target 6
9 Corners 7
11 Fouls 11
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 1
60 % 40

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