Date: 29th June 2007 at 9:40am
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Well, the complaints are already out as a small section of Aston Villa fans have found something new to complain about (a favourite pastime of some of the Villa faithful.)

Supporter forums are starting to fill up with ‘are you worried’ style discussions regarding the lack of ‘players in’, coupled with a steady increase in ‘players out.’

With Juan Pablo Angel, Gavin McCann, Aaron Hughes, Jlloyd Samuel already having left for other clubs and two youth goalkeepers in Stephen Henderson and Robert Olejnik departing Villa Park, it is obvious that the club will now need to strengthen to avoid the David O’Leary situation of ‘small squad, honest lads.’

Villa boss Martin O’Neill, who returned to work this week following a holiday told ‘We are looking to strengthen the squad in the next month and we want to be in a position where we can challenge.’

‘The supporters can rest assured we will be strengthening the squad and we will let them know as soon as there is anything to report.’

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25 Replies to “Manager Attempts To Calm Supporters”

  • Hard to bear at the moment, but actions speak louder than words. I don’t think there’s any need to panic, but this period of time can be likened to christmas. Waiting to open presents is one thing but we all knoe you save the big surprise till last as it always leaves a lasting impression. UTV

  • Keep the faith. Scouse Red Fans are panicking about there lack of spending too. They’re getting really edgy. There’s no need for us to do the same. In MON we trust (well at least some of us do!).

  • Be patient for god sake, these things take time, most players and managers are only just getting back off holiday. Deals have been done, they just need to be finalised. There are some big signings about to be unveiled, all is fine. Don’t prove O’Dreary wright by acting fickle. Preperations for a big press conferance are already under way, so something is about to happen. I can assure people they will be smiling soon, very soon. UTV

  • There will be some seriously red faces shortly. In MON and the new board I believe.
    I know no more than anyone else but these matters are not instant. The reason prices are as stupid as they are is the very reason that we can’t ‘snap them up now’
    Patience is a virtue and so is common sense!
    Up the Villa.

  • I agree that prices are ridiculous and that Villa should probably stay well away,but if we are stalling because prices are too high another team will come in and pay the asking price.There is overcharging on every player except with ones we sell (if Davis goes for 4 mil).We started the summer needing about 4 players at least,how many do we need now?If O Neill hasn’t got signings already done then he’s made a mess of this window.

  • If this was the Deadly/O’Dreary era I would be panicking. It isn’t. We have Martin and the wise Lerner. Sit back. Relax. Make a pot of tea. Take a slice of battenburg. Await the good news with a considered smile.

  • Well said yamyam. Act in haste. Repent a leisure. All good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. He who laughs last, laughs longest.The proof will be in the pudding. It is a marathon not a sprint. I have just put on a bubble perm wig and a big moustache for this next bit …………. calm down, calm down, day do do dat doe dont day (only works in a scouse accent but you can guess what I am getting at). Keep the faith. No doubt 48 will come on here to shoot me down in flames but he is as entitled to his opinion as I am mine, and I actually think he does it with a good heart and with the best of intentions, no matter how we think he comes across.

  • What about the people stuck on the Titanic waiting for it to sink? Not a good outcome for those poor *****ers was it?
    Or what about when you were naughty at school and you were waiting for your dad to get home, to give you a few slaps. I never enjoyed waiting for that.

  • Its pretty exciting how MON gets players though, barely a peep comes outta Villa Park; it’ll be awesome to see them unveil Reo Coker, SWP and Sneijder, i just wonder where that leaves the likes of Petrov etc are they going to move for first team footy?

  • Interesting point of view macka except the people who suffered most on the titanic were the ones that jumped ship first. Those that put their faith in the safety rafts faired the best. As for waiting for your Dad to come home, it is all in the wording. When I got into trouble as a kid my Mom used to whack me. To avoid this, before she would whack me I would say “whatever you do, don’t tell Dad”. So she assumed telling the old man was a bigger punishment! In reality, the old man was a big softie who used to tell me not to do it again. So it actually worked out better to wait for my Dad rather than immediately take the punishment my old lady was dishing out. So fella. Stand firm in the trenches and wait until you see the whites of the eyes of those who mean you harm, then let them have it with both barrels. The alternative is to panic, and try to convince everybody to be as negative as possible. Unfortunately this is how Villa fans have been over years and the club felt a few panic buys would keep the supporters quiet. Times are a changing and the Ellis philosophy has gone. The club have reitterated that there is a five and ten year plan. They have said we should expect exciting transfer activity. They never said it would happen by a certain date. Keep the faith.

  • im sure it wont happen voice but what would be your reaction if we signed nobody this transfer window? or if our transfers were widely accepted to be disapointing and behind our competitors? I dont think it hurts to put our expectations out there and a little bit of pressure on the club to make it happen – without being negative. I dont know why its not happening for us yet but I see Newcastle and Tottenham strengthening and I dont know what we are waiting for. Bent would have done nicely.

  • Am I on the right site – trenchs, titanc (rhymes with panic) and a billion metaphors! She’ll right on the night! No Worries mate.

  • Deflated,i`d had a tip off 2 were coming in today but we don`t look in the same league as Spurs,Newcastle. Big headline today is Berger extending deal when i thought he already had!

  • tyls, if we didn’t sign anybody we would just have to win the league with what we have. The manager is judged on results. If we didn’t sign anybody and came in the top four would you complain? I we sign several superstars and went backwards would you complain? My thoughts are, let the manager manage, and hopefully the decisions he makes will take us forward.

  • In all things AVFC I fully and firmly believe. New signings will most certainly arrive as indicated by MON and the board, and this great club of ours will be in a stronger, healthier position, ready to face the trials and tribulations that the upcoming campaign has to offer. Sit tight me hearties!!

  • remember the last game of 2005/6 season we beat sunderland and they still sang us off the park and they had been relegated. The thought of just escaping relegation and the prospect of another season with odreary, the possibility of losing barry to pompey the same old regime at the helm. Now look at us a few good signings, possibly more over the next few weeks with a good motivated young team coming through and yes in less than 12 months we are now thinking of europe, its been a long time since its been this good.

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