Date: 12th February 2012 at 8:22pm
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Alex McLeish thinks we had a brilliant gameplan today, describes us as unlucky and then says we have abysmal home form.

I fear it may be one of these verdicts that forces me to comment, but I shall do my best to resist because the last thing most of you want after watching that pile of turgid dross is to relive the game too much.

Speaking to Sky Sports after that embarrassment Eck said…yes really…he said.

‘I thought the game plan was excellent but the players were unlucky.’

Losing a game after actually attacking the opposition, riding roughshot over them for 89 minutes only to see them then nick a last minute goal is unlucky.

What fans suffered for 90 minutes today can in no way be described as the team being bleeding unlucky you Ecking idiot.

‘We’re getting a lot of luck at the moment but it’s all bad. Richard has hurt his shoulder, today we played young Gardner in central midfield, we lost Ciaran Clark yesterday and he’s going to be out for a few weeks with a knee ligament strain.’

What has that got to do with the performance, the game, the lack of pride, lack of effort, lack of determination to actually try and win on home soil. Dunne was injured in the 90th minute.

Is it unlucky Eck again picked Heskey over a natural winger. Gardner gave a decent account of himself today, but if we weren’t creative enough (clue we couldn’t have been less creative if we’d have tried camping out in our own half) why no Bannan, no Ireland…was it unlucky we only saw N’Zogbia for 21 odd minutes because Heskey was doing such a sterling job.

Jeez the pointless, inane, inaccurate after match mud slingings Eck involves himself in in order to avoid the obvious failings that he should be able to control are getting sodding tiresome.

It gets better though.

‘I thought the guys gave us absolutely everything tonight, you can’t fault them, their effort was brilliant and the Villa fans stayed right behind us for the entire game and I thought we were very unlucky not to get anything. We must stop the errors, that’s been a problem, so if we can cut that out. You gave yourself a good account, that’s the least you can ask for and I felt the players were unlucky in the final moments.’

Really…if that’s giving everything McLeish promote the Academy side please. If you think that is a performance that is acceptable, irrespective of the opposition, then you are really in the wrong job.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the excuses and the blind optimism of Eck after the game or the actual game. That’s a tough one to call.

He ends with.

‘Our home form is pretty abysmal.’

Possibly the only truthful words he uttered today. But again, he can’t help but let himself down.

‘I’m disappointed in that because I pride myself in my managerial career with home performances and the current one isn’t good enough. Performance level was pretty decent but the discipline and work rate of the players was exemplary.’

I give up. I wish he would. It isn’t going to be long before he loses the non-interneters, then there will be some real trouble.

On the official site version of his after match, he also picks out Carlos’ miss and says the way Everton approached the game was our gameplan but unfortunately we didn’t get stuck in at the other end.

Bit difficult to WHEN YOU DON’T ATTACK and don’t bother bringing on attackings players until the end of the game!!!!

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