Date: 30th January 2010 at 7:04pm
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I was going to leave this one as I must admit, I don’t think anyone should worry what Arsenal boss Arsene Whinger says as he is so foolish in his ridiculous comments through the years, shame because he is no doubt a good manager, just the man has absolutely no class about him whatsoever.

Anyway, the talk following Arsene’s silly comments about MON playing long ball v Arsenal the other night (it was ridiculous, we have played long ball at times and I know I’ve sometimes grumbled but this season with more quality in the team, we are playing it less and less and pretty much hardly at all I thought in our 0-0 v Arsenal), the Villa boss has come out fighting, it really does seem to have riled him which is a shame because he has so many positives to focus on this season but hey, that is the ‘mind games’ in footie for you.

MON told the official site:

‘I think people pay less attention to it now because they know the man. It hasn’t prevented him from being a top quality manager. His record has proved that. Manchester United took their ‘anti-football’ comment with a pinch of salt. It is interesting that in the last 20 minutes of the game – and I don’t know the exact number because I didn’t count them out – he did actually bring on a 6ft 3in centre forward and hit him about six times from Clichy and his players. So it is a nonsense. It is interesting – just the very point that he makes – that nobody plays football in the manner in which they do. Adding, ‘If he believes that, then good luck to him – though he wants to go and have a good look at Barcelona and maybe he might learn something from that, as we all could learn from that.’

‘What we are doing here is, in my genuine view, we’ve got flair players here picking the ball up, attacking players. I thought Ashley Young was fantastic on Wednesday night. We have been more creative now than we have done at any time in the three and a half years that I’ve been here, primarily because we’ve got more creative players on the field at the same time. That is really good.’

He also says on Wenger, ‘He has got an opinion on everything. There is not a subject in this world at this minute – political, religious or anything – that he doesn’t have an opinion on. I really don’t mind, I just don’t want it shoved down my throat. And if I totally and utterly disagree with his opinion, I am entitled to say so.’

Full interview: Click Here

Former Villa great – well I think great anyway and in our poll of best PL captains, he came first, Click HereAndy Townsend has joined in saying the Arsenal boss was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Speaking in a column in the Daily Mail he said:

‘Aston Villa will not be going to Fulham today to play long-ball stuff, despite what Arsene Wenger accused them of this week. The world and his wife, quite rightly, eulogise about the quality of Arsenal’s play but it was a bit unnecessary of Wenger to infer that Villa just launch it and chase.’

Adding, ‘Villa are certainly not long-ball merchants. They are an attack-minded team. How many sides in the Barclays Premier League play with two out-and-out wide men? They have always got an out ball on both flanks and they are very quick to counter- attack. Physically they can stand up to most, so it is no surprise to me that Villa are a decent side away from home. You are entitled to say Villa get it forward quickly into danger areas but they can also get it down and play. They are not crude. They play the sort of game that suits their personnel the best. That is sensible tactical football.’

So there you go!

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