Date: 13th August 2007 at 11:07am
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According to The Sunday Mirror, West Bromwich Albion are lining up a bid for Villa striker Luke Moore.

Baggies boss Tony Mowbray has targeted our youth academy graduate and the report suggests Villa might be tempted as they are trying to reach agreement to bring in centre-back Curtis Davis.

All I can say is oh my god don’t you dare! Ok, this is just paper talk, but with the likes of Liam Ridgewell and Steven Davis being sold, who knows?

I must admit if I was Luke Moore I would have been gutted this weekend not to start. He is the player who has scored the most goals in pre-season, he was hot on form and yet Gabby Agbonlahor and an unfit and unwell John Carew were selected ahead of him, neither of whom made any impact or threat on the Liverpool goal.

Seems some Villa roulette (much like Russian Roulette but without the bullets!) are being played at Villa. We’ve made a small squad smaller, not replaced who we have allowed to leave and were left with no recognised right-back OR goalkeeping cover on Saturday. If Stuart Taylor had picked up an injury who exactly would have covered for him against Liverpool?

Unprofessional is the word I’m grappling for I think.


22 Replies to “No, No, No, Please Don’t Sell Moore!”

  • Absolutely gutted if this is true. I really rate the kid. He’s never been given the chance. Madness selling davis but understandable to an extent, ridgewell too. But not moore.

  • He’s too good to play in the Championship and he knows it. He might go to a Premiership team but he won’t go to Baggies while they’re down there.

  • 100% sure this is paper talk. Why would MON let his 3rd choice striker go to a lower division team, a week after praising the kid and basically saying the skys the limit for him if he grafts!

  • That would put the tin hat on MON’s shambolic transfer window. The only good thing about this story is its a bag of bollokcs.

  • Would be good if the Club denied some of the rumours that are now being touted about. We have a new regime keeping the lid on our transfer targets but surely it would be in the best interest of all to deny such stories… assuming they aren’t true!

  • maybe he needs to sell Moore to raise money for the players he wants to buy. Looks like Curtis Davies is going to spurs.

  • Well. we get little or no information from the club, except promises to the furture which have not yet shown any chance of materialising; so what else are we to do to get any info?
    I’m with JF on this one, how dare they even think of selling him, he and Barry seem the only two capable of scoring at the moment.

  • What’s this, ‘At the moment’ business? One match lads… which we lost in the last 5 minutes and we got beat by the touch of class we don’t have. There’s no disgrace in that!

  • Can’t do anything other than one million per cent agree. He is excellent now and could get better. If he was at West Brom I would be delighted if Villa signed him for £8 million and the sky is his limit. Here’s hoping he reaches it with Villa and is given every opportunity to do so. Given the chances Gabby has had, I think he will deliver. Moore and a fit Carew up front for me.

    Play our best players which includes Gardner instead of Petrov and Maloney deserves more of a chance too as a priority sub to introduce creativity or as a starter if injuries make first choices unavailable.

    I stray from the point however,. LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAH La LA LA LAAAAH LOOOOOOOK MOORE etc etc

  • I understand WBA would accept £6mill in cash + Luke Moore for Davis because O’Neill refused to pay the £9mill asking price. So it’s still the same old Villa in the transfer market – “penny pinchers” until it comes to “giving players away” (Davis, Whits, Ridge etc etc)

  • If that were only the truth of it ‘Rawlie’ then we wouldn’t have too much to concern ourselves about. Sadly though it isn’t, and burying our heads in the sand and pretending otherwise will achieve absolutely nothing.
    As for the Luke Moore story. A mere figment of some sad sportswriters over-excitable imagination.

  • If this happened i think i’d give up on O’Neill and Villa for a while. It would catastrophic to say the least

  • If MON sells Moore to WBA then I honestly belive that he has completely lost it. All the other transfers I can understand and defend (not that I necessarily agree) especially as the coach and motivator MON has shown himself to be but If he sell Moore then I think I will be tempted to join Witton’s Merry Men.

  • Sorry ‘Glensider’, it wasn’t just one match! I stand corrected! Didn’t we have a great pre-season and a 9 match unbeaten run at the end of last? And didn’t one of the most gifted midfielders in the world score the goal that separated a top 4 side and a side aiming to be top four? But, yeah, I agree with you that this story is total arse!

  • If MON does sell Moore even if it is for Davies whom i know nuthin bout, i will have lost all faith, what little i have right now

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