Date: 3rd March 2006 at 7:14pm
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Great, Public Row Number 200897

What is it with these people? Mark Delaney issued a clarification last week following his remarks to the press. O’Leary answered the players comments and slated him for going to the press. Who did O’Leary talk to about it? Yup, the press.

Now O’Leary has gone for the jugular again. Is he not in danger of losing the dressing room like he did – or alledgedly did – at Leeds?

I wish they would all just shut up and get on with their jobs, this is ASTON VILLA, a proud and historic football club, not a soap opera.

O’Leary said: ‘Mark Delaney is going to be here for the next year with me. End of story. But like anything, I can’t help if teams come in for him. Look at Nobby Solano – we were the last to know. We’ll never be able to hold somebody who wants to leave. Everybody has a price. We don’t want to sell him and if he does well over the year, I’m sure the club will provide for him again.’

I’m sorry. He is going to be at Villa ‘end of story’ then ‘we’ll never be able to hold somebody who wants to leave?

He has also refuted that a price has been put on the Wales international defender’s head. ‘To say I’ve put a £750,000 price-tag on him is nonsense. Nobody does that’ and that he hopes no one bids for him.

Now all that would have been ok, but he had to continue and lay the boot in. Surely this should be done behind closed doors?

He said: ‘I think his statements are a joke and he’s been told that. I like people who tell me eye to eye. I don’t like getting information from papers. I like being told and if someone wants an argument there and then I like getting it out in the air. I don’t like reading about it in a statement. To me, that is totally wrong.’

Adding ‘If Mark plays, I expect him to do a professional job for Aston Villa – without a doubt. He’s getting well paid to do that.’


7 Replies to “O’Leary Lays The Boot In!”

  • This is the sort of he said/well he said talk that should be kept within the confines of the dressing room. It’s petty, unnecessary, and uncalled for. Both sides must share blame over the whole Delaney contract affair, it’s been handled appallingly.

  • He’s even told the fans to get real and stop living in the past, what a complete and utter t***

  • Not the most popular manager of our times is he? Mind you, he is a legend in his own lunch time, so he’s happy, especially with a million a year in the bank and the knowledge that the club can’t afford to sack him.

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