Date: 4th August 2006 at 1:40pm
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Things are certainly gathering a-pace at Villa, and Sky Sports News are now saying that Martin O’Neil will decide later this afternoon whether to join Aston Villa.

A press conference is expected later today.

Interesting times!

We’ll supply updates as and when we get them.


20 Replies to “O’Neil Making His Mind Up On Villa”

  • Just sign on the dotted line- you know it makes sense. Ignore the old fuddy duddy who is about to bore the pants off you with tall stories, because he is leaving anyway.

  • if reports are true and he is signing autographs outside villa park….surely he would only do that if he is joining us.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhggggg!!!! I can’t take it any more the suspense is killing me!!!! I’m off to the shops to buy a few DIY items, hopefully it will take my mind of VP for a short while. I feel like I need a holiday!

  • i want him signing players not autographs….

    chance in a lifetime villa fans ..we won’t get the chance of attracting this calibre of manager for another 10 years………

    Suspense is killing me, I might do some work to take my mind of things !

  • How are we supposed to do any work with all this going on, a whole week of checking the internet every 5 mins isnt good for promotion prospects!

  • O’Neill is not signing autographs at Villa Park, he isn’t there, the shot they are using is from another stadium. Sky say he will make a decision this pm.

    Bill Howell just interviewed, was determined and at pains to say over and over that this is

  • Wow I’m a sad git!!! I’ve just got back in from the hardwear shop and the first thing I did was……..log on and check the news of course. I need to get a life!

  • No doubt he’s received certain assurances to the very testing questions that he threw at Ellis, so now all we can do is sit, twiddle our thumbs and wait. I’ll believe he’s with us only when the official announcement comes through. until then, as far as I’

  • Yes you do….DIY is not safe to do while mind is on the football club. Come one O’Neil tell Ellis you want to sign someone and the shock may well be enough to usher in a new dawn.

  • Please god, the suspense is killing me !!!! I don’t think my fingers can handle anymore mouse clicking ! !

  • I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, I’m just another fan sat looking at the clock and the headlines. Pleeeeeeeeeeease!

    Still want Ellis out, but I would guess O’Neill in IS Ellis out…I didn’t think in June I would actually be LOOKING

  • If it is souness at the press conference at 6.30 I will raise villa to the ground but don’t quote me on that!
    It must be O’Neill, Ellis please we’ll see it as a parting gift, honest!

    I must admit this has totally stopped me from doing any work today :

  • What, news of what’s happening at VP has stopped you doing the cricket kentvillan? ;o)

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