Date: 4th August 2006 at 11:43am
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If and when Martin O’Neil does take charge of Villa then please, please get behind the team and extinguish any thoughts of boycotting games or other such protests that are likely to transmit bad vibes onto the pitch and ultimately affect the players performances.

I want Unky Herb ousted from the chairmanship as much as anybody on here and the only true FACT we know is that he IS actively seeking to sell his stake and anybody who says he won’t sell is expressing opinion and not fact. The price he is asking is reasonable (as is borne out by all the interested parties), and he has spent time and great expense in the hands of the finest people around (Rothschild’s) to push the thing through.

I should imagine it is purely health and age reasons coupled with pressure from his family that has led to this decision, but a decisive decision it is. These things are always long drawn out affairs and the bigger the company the lengthier it is and when more than one party is interested, so it further drags on as the seller tries to get what’s best for both him and the companies future. A lot of people on here would simply sell to any old Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of what they can bring to the table. Would MON have took the job knowing Herbert is staying? Exactly.

So lets herald in this new dawn because those of us around when Taylor first talk over in the late 80’s know how close we were to staring down the abyss then and it feels like 18 years on we have once again managed to pull away from the parapet. That next decade or so provided us with the best times I have ever had at VP and that will surely happen again so take your seat, warm up your vocal chords and enjoy the ride.

I imagine money will be made immediately available now we have a manager competent enough to spend it, but even if it isn’t I refer you to an earlier posting I did regarding the current squad. When you look at it like this you realize that even just some decent coaching, tactical awareness and inspiration should be sufficient to see us comfortably into the top half:-

The Danish number one playing behind the captain of Wales, captain of Sweden, captain of Denmark and a Dutch international who’s manager says only never made the World Cup squad because of injury. Then in midfield is the driving force of the captain of N. Ireland and three capped England players, two of which bleed claret and blue. Up front are the Golden Boot winner from Euro 2004, the fifth most prolific striker in premier league history and a talent so great even a skinflint chairman managed to find nearly £10 mill to sign him. On the bench are some of the brightest young prospects around including a whole host of U-21 internationals, another N’ Ireland captain, a Czech International, a player who was selected as the best in the Championship for that position, the captain of a team in the last 16 of the World Cup, A Cameroon International who only a few years ago was talked of as a wonderkid replacement for Keane, A Frenchman who
keeps getting rave reviews in the French league, and err, Jlloyd Samuel who doesn’t fit into any category!!!

Don’t worry folks, I’m sure we’ll have something to moan about again in the not too distant future. Maybe the new owner will want to move grounds, or maybe there will be too many foreign mercenaries coming into the club or maybe the admission prices will rocket etc etc. Save the moaning until then though.

If he is still here at the turn of the year then maybe we may need to reassess, but this is NOT a case of letting him off the hook. Herbert is doing his bit, hopefully MON is about to play his part, the players will no doubt vastly improve so that just leaves us supporters to play our part in this new era. Lets get the Holte rocking once more – I want to feel those hairs on the back of my neck again.

NB: Please don’t use personal insults towards me if responding!!!

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33 Replies to “Join The New Era For Villa?”

  • No. No. No. If MON (a potentially great manager) joins us it changes nothing for me and I suspect thousands of stay aways.

    HDE @ VP, my wallet in my pocket. END.
    Very painful but its the only true way forward.

  • Support O’Neill and the team but don’t let up on Doug!!! It is possible to do both.

  • Have to agree AC. Great article and I can understand what Beefy is saying but for me – until confirmation that the deals are going through, my boycott will stand. I am gutted at the thought of not going in under O’Neil because I think he will be a Villa

  • I said it before and I will say it again if everyone still wants to boycott then just boycott the Doug Ellis stand

  • If he’s told O’Neill he’s leaving and then doesn’t it will hardly be the first time Ellis has lied will it?

  • Well said Fear. Until Ellis goes we could have Arsene Wenger as manager and naked dancers at half time and I still wont be parting with my money!

  • Yeah, the chelsea takover rumbled on for months didn’t it ? – I am old enough to remember 1982 – when doug completed the takover in around 3 days.

  • I think Fear hit it on the head. In three years time I don’t want Ellis to still be around and the fans calling for Martin O’Neill’s head!

  • Agreed JP. Bigger picture of manager merry go round cannot be ignored despite the great news of MON. What if we get O’Neil and then Ellis messes him about with no transfer budget and we lose this great manager (as reportedly it will be a 12 month rolling

  • MON wouldn’t be taking the job unless he had assurances that the takeover was going ahead. His rolling 12 month contract is evidence of that. I’ll be taking my place in the Witton stand as usual v Reading to welcome O’Neill, support our beloved team, and

  • I just hope you get it all sorted soon. I’m a brummie, so even if it is you lot, I would rather see a team from my home city doing well rather than English football be dominated by cockneys, scousers and mancs… You should get behind O’Neill, staying awa

  • the quicker the better for ure club, oneil would do very well for you. if he does come what would be ure expectations?

  • We need to get behind the team and fill the stadium week in and week out! When we played the blues at home it was a full stadium and we got behind the team and what a difference it made! We cannot be split and for this to be accomplished Randy Lerner need

  • I wasn’t re-newing my season ticket until 15 minutes ago when i saw on sky sports news MON outside Villa Park signing autographs, I agree 100% deadly has to go, But i think MON and the team need our support, i posted a message earlier in the week saying M

  • I cannot believe some of the comments posted here. How many times are you willing to be made fools of by Herbert? Cheering the team on? If Ellis stays then we shall, sooner or later, be cheering the team on to relegation. Protests, booing, banners, abuse

  • ellis does’nt pick the team and with o’neill in charge i believe we will be well clear of relegation he can bring the best out of our team whether ellis is there or not

  • ELLIS and O neil won’t work together long term. O Neil won’t stand any of Dougs games.
    If you want O Neil in, and you want him to stay..then Ellis must go…or at least have his powers diluted.

  • Martin O’Neill knows more about what is going on behind the scenes than any of us posting here. And he simply would not take the job without the proper assurances about the future. He knows Doug’s reputation and is certainly no fool, so I trust his judgem

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