Date: 2nd November 2006 at 11:24am
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Sorry for the title, I think I’m having a breakdown, far too much good news going about!

Martin O’Neill says he doesn’t know how much money he has to spend in January, but whatever the sum, he wants to buy players as cheaply as possible!

The Villa boss said of Randy Lerner, ‘He is very supportive. I have not sat down with him and asked how much money there is. I think that he is very supportive and wants to do well for the football club. Again I get back to it, I think he feels that he wants everyone working around the place… earning money and deserving to do so. He is supportive… That’s my view.’

On the funding he added when asked how much he has to spend: ‘I genuinely don’t know. I would rather get players for as little as I could pay for them. Let’s say that there was some player who I really thought could do the job and the selling club were prepared to let him go but for a price greater than I wanted to pay, then I’d have a decision to make. If I felt a player at that time who I’d paid over the odds for, would do it for me over a period of time – then I’d do it.’

‘An example of that is Dean Ashton, the centre forward at West Ham who’s broken his ankle. I remember John O’Hare telling me when Dean was at Crewe that I should take him up to Celtic. Anyway he went to Norwich and they paid the money, and then West Ham paid £7m for him when even the manager said he thought it was a bit over the odds. But is it over the odds if he’s back fit and knocking on the door for England? So it all becomes irrelevant if the player does it for you.’


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  • I think MON is too bright and knowledgeable to be suckered into buying a mug, unlike some previous incumbents of the job, and I am sure he will do his best both for Randy and the club.
    I’m looking forward to the next transfer window, it could be interest

  • dont be fooled by the smoke screen…both manager and chairman have clear plan and you can bet that the visible effects of rhe lerner/o’neill revolution will begin to kick in in january

  • All he is saying makes perfect sense, let alone business sense. To say that he wants to get players as cheaply as possible is obvious. Why would he want to pay 10 mil for a player he can get for 5?

  • I am not so sure that January is going to bring the changes most seem to be anticipating. I envisage a couple of signings, hopefully of a decent quality. However I believe that we will see much more activity next summer. This is when M’ON will have had a

  • MON’s a smart little birdie. If he comes out saying he’s got 40m from Randy then suddenly when Villa come calling all the prices go up. Keep schtum and get a few bargins me thinks.

  • got a point Paul plus its best not to go over board with spendings I mean the Dildo salesman must be laughing all the way to the bank after Wigan paid £5.5m for Heskey

  • Nathan Tyson is making a comeback for Forest….any thoughts? Too much like Gabby? I wonder if Beattie would perform under MON?

  • Think MO’N will pick up some good bargains. At times people may moan and wonder about the decision of buying someone, however, with his managerial skills i can see MO’N turning any player into a very good, consistent one, so cheap should be ok!

  • I recall some time back that MON mentioned not letting his available funds become public knowledge for exactly those reasons Paul, makes sense to me, HESKEY £5.5M (just thought I would give you another laugh Mr Fear) UTV

  • Very sensible comments by Mr O’Neill. I honestly cant think of any better guy to have spending any cash made available than our current guy in charge. He and his assistants will have already targeted the guys they want to bring in, and for us, the support

  • I don’t remember Arsenal ever shouting their transfer budget to the whole world and look what happens with them. They get in quality and pay the correct price at the time for the player at his current level of developement, everything from Cheap-cheap to

  • I think thar O’Neil knows exactly what money is available and as already identified his targets. Hopefully a couple will be available in January, but I think O’Neil will wait until the summer rather than switching to a secondary targets.

  • I don’t like to big up other clubs and managers, but lets hope MO’N can emulate what Wenger has done over the years. What an astute buyer and seller of players! Look at what he has paid for players like Henry, Fabregas, etc., and what he has recouped by s

  • Martin will, I’m sure, know which players will be available in January. No doubt he will also be trying to unload some of those under-performing and/or or surplus to requirements. I suspect there will be quite a few surprises -both in and out! – but there

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