Date: 28th March 2007 at 3:36pm
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Martin O’Neill says that Steve McClaren will get things right. Not sure if he had a straight face whilst saying it or not though?

However, he also says that he is totally committed to Villa amid renewed rumours that McClaren will be sacked and O’Neill will be re-approached.

‘Firstly: I’m absolutely and utterly committed to Aston Villa Football Club – as is the owner. We want to do something about it. Secondly: I’d like to try and win some football games. I want to win more games than we have done. Thirdly: I believe that England will definitely qualify from the group. I think they’re good enough to qualify and I think the present manager will ride out the storm and be OK.’

‘It’s always the case – every single time England do not win a game people think they should win – there’s a storm. That’s my own view. I have total focus here on trying to win some games. It doesn’t matter if we’re sitting 13th in the league or fourth in the league, I’m absolutely committed here.’

Adding on the official site: ‘I think England will qualify. I think they’ve got the wherewithal to qualify. It’s not that there’s no question of it, but I think they will qualify. It’s part of management now. The criticism hits you the minute you don’t win a couple of games. It’s all part of the game. If you win the football games you get respite. If you don’t win the games, you’re open for criticism. I think the criticism is unfair. I think England will qualify and I feel that my own job here is difficult enough and I want to try and do something about it. I want to try and win some more games for Aston Villa, rather than being unwittingly involved in other matters.’

0-0 v Israel after the other totally dour games and complete lack of spirit? Nope, I think in this case, qualify or not, the criticism is more than justified and a bit more vilification of the over paid ninnies who put the England shirt on these days is also called for.


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  • o my word,ginger doughnut is playing downing tonight instead of gareth,what an absolute disgrace but im not surprised at all just hope it does not affect gareths confidence to much though having to sit on the bench and watch that *****! mclaren just gets worse and worse like

  • Cornet Head’s team will have much better balance tonight, with Lamps injured and richards in for Neville, cole back in for Carragher. Downing and Barry is a close call IMHO. I’d be more excited if England had Gabby on the bench, his pace would frighten these weeaker teams.

  • You have to say Lennon and Richards should play. It’s players from the big four who need to deliver.

  • nil nil half time
    iom (isle of man) we should play our national team instead we have a modest population of 70k so think we could take these andorians???

  • Who would want the England job, they passed him over to appoint Mr FA. England will not qualify with this tozzer as manager, the players have no faith in him, the fans have no faith in him, the FA will take a little more time.

  • Barwick and his cronies will stick with McClaren to the bitter end, whether that be failure to reach the Euro Championships on the 2010 World Cup. They wont admit to making a big mistake by cutting him off mid-stream. I think the guy (McClown) is totally clueless, and way out of his depth managing the national team, however fingers should also be pointed at the same old tired faces who fail to deliver game in/game out. Too many individuals are assured of starting places despite their inability to meet the required standard.

  • Half Time 0-0 I was shocked and laughing infact I even made a bet with my dad that someone would throw a mobile at McClaren. FT we won by 0-3 but thats only against Andorra and even though we scored 3 we were still rubbish which asks the question what will we be like when we play Italy and Brazil and Russia when we have trouble against Forest Green Rovers

  • We can’t afford to sack him and like any other bloke who ‘truly loves’ England he will hold on to the bitter end for a nice pay off – WHICH WE CAN’T AFFORD. He should resign. I am not convinced by him. He just uses spin and lies all the time. Last night proved that Lampard and Gerrard should be rotated within the 90 minutes and not play together. Lennon can’t cross as well as he should – head down every time. Downing was poor – one season wonder. Micah was good and really showed our wingers and midfielders the way it should be. I forgive Rooney for any swearing antics as that’s all the opposition were doing anyhow. NUGENT was class…Mr FEAR any chance of an article or poll concerning Nugent to Villa? PLEASE, pretty please.

  • The so called England “fans” were disgraceful yesterday evening. The antics of the Andorran players was also despicable. Rooney got zero protection from the referee, I know he’s a head case but there are limits. We need to support the team no matter what during a match.

  • I know we are all pretty biased on here but NO WAY is Downing better than Barry. He was useless on Wednesday night and I could cross a ball better than him.

  • Agree completely jonah. We’ve got a few way over rated players in the current England set-up, but Downing has to be top of the pile. A good club player maybe, I dont know because I dont see him often enough, but no way is he of international quality.

  • Downing is only there because of the relationship him and the donut had at boro sorry if I keep repeating myself

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