Date: 18th June 2009 at 10:20am
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Many have been waiting for someone at Villa to say something about the departure of former Villa captain Gareth Barry. Well, now, at last, someone has!

That someone happens to be the gaffer, Martin O’Neill (in case you didn’t know who the gaffer was!).

He said on the official site that he wishes him well but also wished that he’d stayed.

‘It would have been fantastic if he had stayed. It happened early so we didn’t have the debacle we faced the previous season. But that wasn’t too important to me. It would just have been great if he had stayed on another year. I was disappointed to lose him. He wanted to go and he felt Manchester City was the right stage so I won’t argue, particularly when you consider the number of years he spent at the football club.’

He adds that although it has now happened, he reminds us all that Barry had been a ‘fantastic servant’ and says he wishes him all the best.

The Sun also carry some quotes today in a report by Janine Self. I had a chat with the reporter last night and was asked what sort of reception I think the fans will give Barry when he returns with Manchester £ity on October 3. I said that the boards had been split, you only have to see our thread in the forum: Click Here which is 84 pages long to see the differences in the fans stance! Anyway, I’m quoted as saying: ‘The boos will drown out the claps’. From my point of view there is an ‘unfortunately’ needed at the start of the sentence, from others there isn’t!

Gareth Barry is also quoted, although to be honest, having got me in the article, I can’t see that some no mark England international midfielder can really add any more glamour and interest?!?! He it seems knows he’ll get a rough ride and said: ‘I saw lads I respected come back and get booed — Gareth Southgate, Dwight Yorke. It happens.’


10 Replies to “O’Neill Wishes Barry Well – Barry Expects Boo’s!”

  • I for one will clap him, there’s not been many better servants to this club in recent history. I’d stop short at wishing him luck though!!

  • I too would clap him. If he doesnt deserve that, then who does? I like the attitude of the Liverpool fans in this regard. They seem to clap, and chant names of any former Liverpool player who returns. They even did it with Milan Baros when he returned with Villa, although he had hardly featured or made an impact there. I guess it depends on the manner of the departure. But in Barrys case, he stayed the extra season, did all he could to get us in CL footy. And even wrote a letter explaining his dilema and even stating that Villa will always be in his heart, and will always be the first result he looks for. Afterall that, I think it would be very cruel to boo him. And that is just what the boo boys are, “cruel and heartless”. Are they really Villa fans?

  • “It would have been fantastic if he had stayed. It happened early so we didn’t have the debacle we faced the previous season. But that wasn’t too important to me” – It never is MON, get yourfinger out pls. I have nothing against Barry, I actually think he made the right move – I will reserve the right to laugh my head off if we finish above them though!

  • I won’t boo him he has been a good player for many years for us, but I hardly think he deserves a round of applause for the way he left the club. So I will just be applauding those in Claret and Blue and not give him too much thought. He has gone, its time for us all to move on.

  • I would love to see us give players who return a better reception but doesn’t seem to be our way does it? Rarely do they seem to get a good reaction.

  • GB has been playing well all year but he’s always known that he was going in the same way that Ronaldo left Manu’re. Feels like he was lying to us and when he clapped the fans he was always thinking that he would rather be holding hands with Steviegee. He used us to further his career and wanted to leave when he thought that he wasn’t going to get into the national team until MON turned up. Think thats why he stayed for the final year even though his heart wasn’t in it. For him it was business not pleasure but for us fans its life so will see how he is with regards to scoring against us and whether he celebrates etc. Remember Vassell running round very excited every time that he scored against us for the blue side of Manchester!! villa_de, Baros was famously felled in the box against Chelsea in the Champions League Semi final which resulted in one of their Spanish (can’t remember his name ) players scoring which got them into the final that year which they won!!

  • I really want to boo him, purely for the way he said he lied to us about wanting to play Champion’s League and also saying that at his age Villa isn’t the right club – hope that doesn’t make Carew etc think twice. But, as said above he’s been a great servant so I probably won’t boo or clap. He can be replaced, unlike Martin Laursen.

  • Totally echo that, Olof. In GB’s absence, we can find a replacement. But I don’t think we’ll find it quite as easy to replace Laursen. Especially at the penetrable rate MON is signing.

  • Ten years of loyal service – I for one won’t boo him and hope he achieves everything he wants to achieve…. except the champions league bit!!!!!!!

  • Don’t care enough to boo, he was an above average player but one dimensional and no where near as good as he thinks he is. Agree with Mickey villa – I’ll laugh my tits off if we finish in a CL spot.

    Fear- Platty always got a good reception as I’m sure would JPA, Savo, der hammer, Olof etc. Players only get booed when they stick two fingers up to the fans. Barry would have had a lot better reaction if he’d kept his mouth shut last year. If he’d gone without the comments I don’t think anyone would have given him a hard time.

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