Date: 18th June 2009 at 10:11am
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Martin O’Neill back and hopefully refreshed from a holiday in the States, has told the official site that Villa are ‘actively pursuing’ new signings.

The Villa boss promised:

‘We’re on the lookout. We want to strengthen the side. We have lost Gareth but we are hoping to be in a position to replace him. Having looked at the market and watched what has developed with the major transfers – Kaka and Ronaldo particularly – you can definitely say it’s interesting times.’

Not that interesting yet, be better when we sign someone!!!! :o))

He also again mentions the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham as a threat next season and expects Everton to also be up there again, so warns even to stand still he has to improve the team.


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  • Just get signing you rambling numpty ! I think we need a bit more than replace Gareth ! You just know don’t you we’ll gain 5 and lose 5 and we’ll have the small squad excuse again !

  • we would have needed 5 more players if no1 left but now with barry laursen harewood reo coker? going we must need about 9 but i cant se us buying in that many?

  • Just get the following done but the end of the week please…it’s not rocket sicence!! ;0) Out – Taylor, Knight (2mill) Shorey (3mill) Osbourne (1mill) Salifou (1mill), Gardner (3mill), Harewood (3mill) In – Hart (5mill) Naughton (5mill) Richards (8mill), Hanglaand (10mill) Drenthe (5mill) Bentley (8mill) Huddlestone (6mill) Defour (12mill) Delph (3mill) Sturridge (2mill compo) Owen (Free) With the Barry money that’s a net spend of £40mill….surely that’s available? Great squad of 25!!

  • Reading what MON has said it is just vague promises to the future. When you read phrases like “actively pursuing” and “on the lookout” it makes one wonder what they have been doing in the run up to the transfer window, day dreaming, chewing the cud or what. By now they should know precisely who they want and be out to get them come what may. Swapping one for one, having lost our best player, is hardly improving the squad. Sadly, I suspect the dark forebodings written above may again come to pass. Come on Villa, don’t just window shop, go out and buy some decent additions. At best, one in one out, plus at least another five top class, proven performers. And that is just to stand still.

  • I don’t think we need that many…4/5 good signings would do it for me, even with Harewood out the door along with Barry/Laursen.

    1) A left back (particularly depending on Bouma)
    2) A centre back to replace ML
    3) A centre mid to replace GB – ideally an attacking/creative one
    4) A winger to give us a 3rd option

    +1 more of your choice!

    In Sidwell, Gardner, Knight, Guzan, Reo-Coker (if he stays), Heskey we have capable back up players, and we have some good kids too. If we brought in too many players it would probably leave some unhappy players who aren’t playing. 4/5 in would probably be just about right in my opinion.

  • Christ Almighty – no matter what MON does or says you all know better and have to have a go. All those figures bandied about about the cost of players – are they what the selling club have accepted or what YOU think they will cost? It’s funny how you can bandy about figures 2Mill 10 mill done deal. You know what I am not in the camp that MON can do no wrong but looking at what you “experts” keep coming out with it makes me wonder do we deserve a manager and chairman of the ilk we have?. Apart from the big deals – have Evefrton bought anyone? Have Spurs?. Naughton will cost much more than 5 mill. Utd turned down a 5 mill bid from Everton. A mate is a Utd fan and knows that a bid of 7 mill upwards is what Utd will ever consider. Have a go at MON if we don’t get anyone – but do any of you think we will not buy any one?

  • O’Neill doesn’t do signings but if he did they would probably be the worst signings in the world.

  • Yeah – Young, Milner, Young (Luke), Friedel, Davis, NRC (I remember alot of fans wanting NRC) – yeah all really bad signings

  • nazvfc that works out at one per window we need that many this time around on its own. That is the problem, as jonah says MON “does not do signings”

  • I know Obediah – give MON a chance – transfers in earnest will start when managers and players are back off hols/tournaments. We do need a few. I’m just having a Sarcastic go back at the sarcastic comments aimed at MON (an again I’m not in the MON can do no wrong corner).

  • Over the past few threads i have been reading alot of stuff that has made me ashamed to be called a villa fan. Only a couple clubs have made signings sofar and we arent one of them so people are critisising MON. Next u will be calling for his resignation, i dont really understand it. I cant think of anybody we have really missed out on that would improve our squad anyway (i dont rate defoe). We are starting to sound like high and mighty fans, the type i dont like

  • No matter who we have as our boss, the fans (and what seems like a majority) will always get a bit bored of them after a while and start talking about how they do a better job, whilst spending time constantly bringing up their weaknesses. I’d walk if I was MON. I’d hate to be the manager of a club with fans like we have. And if I hear one more person talk about Moscow I think I’ll scream really really loudly!!!!!! So their!

  • Its funny that he has time to deny links, be better if he used his energy to bring in some players instead. There are plenty of players available out there and I would like to have thought that the club already have targets lined up, comments like “on the lookout” are a little concerning to be honest.

  • PBAVFC, welcome to football mate, fans everywhere regardless of who they support will always speculate as to who they can and cannot sign whether or not that is even the case, but to think this is only relevant to Villa fans could perhaps be seen as somewhat naive.

  • Tell you what – don’t deny the links then give more ammo to the MON bashers so they can say why not deny the links!!! MON’s sitting in his office drinking guiness and eating irish stew -that’s what he does all day. I know let’s offer 10 million for Defour – done deal – you know the magical figure always quoted by fans. Forget that we MAY have made an approach but knocked back becuase the money offered was not enough who knows – why should we let all and sundry know our business. why should he tell us who he is going for? Offer what it takes I hear – you’d never make a good businessman then.

  • But he made the same comments last year and we ended spending over £50 odd million, being one of the most active clubs in europe, which resulted in us having a crack at fourth instead of mid table boredom. Obviously counts for nothing. Maybe its about time to take his soundbytes with a pinch of salt and be aware that our competitors in the market will also be reading his quotes.

  • PBAVFC – exactly – but as I said some “fans” expect announcements left right and centre.

  • young_jonah, Its not specualting for tranfers that winds me up, I enjoy that. Its the constant dig at the manager for anything and everything he does and says. The man can’t win. And no, I don’t think its relevant to Villa fans only, but being a Villa, I’m only concerned with the way our fans behave.

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