Date: 4th October 2006 at 11:11am
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Opportunity to move away from Villa Park?

I am not saying that we should move away from Villa Park. It is the heart and soul of the club but I thought, as the club appears to be thinking big, it would be worth hearing peoples views on possibly the biggest potential change that the Randy era could bring. I understand all the reasons why the club should stay close to its roots, however most of them seem to be based on memories and tradition.

Whilst these are things that can not be overlooked it may be worth considering a couple of alternative views. What got me thinking about this was the plans for the
Holte Pub and hearing what fans would like. The idea of a museum or a Villa themed pub seem popular. As local demographics have changed, very few supporters now live within easy walking distance of VP. Infact most of the local area could be described, at best, as multi cultural. Due to this change most pubs in the region are struggling to stay in business.

Would an extra Villa themed pub/museum attract much business except on match?? I doubt that it would generate enough to warrant the expense on rebuilding and refurbishing it. The club would like it to be a hotel. But in truth the location does not make it the most attractive proposition for any visitors to Brum. Whilst the ground is convenient for the motorways and rail links, parking is a nightmare.

The surrounding area, other than Aston Hall is poor inner city and does not reflect the stature of the club. So here is the crux of the matter. Would moving to a new ground better serve the clubs purpose. In the same way as Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Bolton and Man City have? And in the same way as Portsmouth and Liverpool amongst others are considering. Arsenal have a comparable history to us and Highbury the library must have meant the world to their fans. However they seem more than happy with their new home. A ground in the centre of Brum would be ideal.

The ground could have bars and restaurants that could do business 7 days a week. The museum would be accessible. Transport in and out would be superb, although parking may be an issue. There are hundreds of bars and pubs that overnight, would become the new home of Villa supporters. Working in the city there is no reason for me to visit my matchday pub (the Adventurers) on any other day except matchday. This would change dramatically if fans could just nip down to there ‘Villa’ pub on a more regular basis.

Those that have been to Newcastle United will see the benefit of having a ground in the city centre. Geordie fans come out of the ground and in 2 minutes they are in the Big Market (the equivalent of our Broad Street). There are numerous other benefits to a City Centre ground but the availability of land means that this scenario is unlikely. However it is not beyond the realms of possibility for a new ground by the NEC. What are other fans views on this??

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  • build a super stadium on the NEC complex, massive amounts of parking, excellent rail links and road links. international airport right next to it.

    i’d be all for it, the ground could be more than just a football stadium too…

    we fear change, yet i

  • Hmm this in an interesting one, however we recently re-did the trinity road stand so i doubt we would move for a very long time? I dont care as long as the stadium looks good, ticket prices do not rise because of stadium upgrades etc and is ten minutes fr

  • I think a more interesting proposition is to redevelope the surrounding area. Broad Street used to be a dump, especially near Gas Street but now it’s THE place to both live and go out in the evening. As you rightly pointed out, the transport possibiolit

  • yes lets build a mega stadium by the nec next door to an international airport so our wonderful players can breath in all that aviation fuel and exhaust, DOH doesn’t cover it. see the point about the area, it is a ***** hole, VOTN with you on this, part o

  • cw&c I think you will find that the Villa are actually located in Witton, not Aston. The fact that you had no substance to your argument would lend weight to the point in the original article, that memories and tradition would be the main barrier to fans

  • I think it is interesting that the Fear has not added his thoughts to this forum. Does this mean that he does not mind either way or that he is already privvy to sensitive information??

  • the NEC is a nightmare to get to itself, 20 mins on a train, then you have to walk across it to get to where you need to be, this in itself can take 20 mins, and its not in aston. There is nowhere big enough in the centre of brum to put a stadium. the onl

  • Sorry voiceoftheholt but you, although making some valid points are also talking about something that you have no knowledge of. How do you know Randy Lerner’s intentions. He has already stated that he wants to redevelope the local area and that he is st

  • This is the one thing I would object to the most! Aston Villa IS Villa Park! Villa Park IS Aston Villa! Players, managers, fans, chairmen all come and go but to move stadiums would rip the heart and soul out of the club. I would never accept it.

  • i’m off again, Steff, you got me feeling sentimental. My gran (bless her) was born on witton lane. doug knocked her house down, so it would be fantastic to see the area redeveloped. if it is developed then other things will follow, other companies will in

  • Calm down everyone, it hurts not to talk. Lets start filling VP before we need a new stadium. And I doubt we would need one if Ellis was developed like trinity and north like holte – fill in the corners and hey presto its bloomin massive. A holte hotel pu

  • I live in Newcastle and the city centre ground does have it’s benefits, but it’s important to remember that Newcastle is a very very different city to Birmingham. Newcastle are the main team up here for miles and miles. Their fan base stretches from Durha

  • Yeah, let’s move to the NEC so we can queue for an hour to get out of the car park. And pay £8 to park. And get stuck on the motorway. And be nearer Coventry than Birmingham (more ammo for the noses being the team of our city). No, we need to help develop

  • Tyler Villa season tickets at arsenal were more expensive at the library than they are now, so i’m led to believe…

  • What a great debate. Fans have mentioned many reasons for staying and others many reasons for moving. IMHO I do not know what would be right or what would be wrong. This lends weight to fact that a feasability study would be in order. This could discuss a

  • Even though the Villa Park of 2006 has 4 different stands to the Villa Park I first visited in 1973 it is still Villa Park and a new ground would be the last straw for me. It is our link to the past. It should never be broken. I agree with VOTN, develop

  • I can understand moving for expansion so that the capacity of the ground can be increased, but you also must consider that the location of the ground is perfect for transportation. It is located off the motorway in the middle of the country, this is why t

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