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“Others Had Failed” “Will Last Forever” “Thank You” – Three Villa Legends Sum Up Weekend’s News


Aston Villa fans have been rightly expressing their opinions following Sunday’s news that former head coach Dean Smith has now departed from B6 and just like there was a split in the In/Out camp given our 2021 form as a whole, I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of those who actually wanted a new man at the helm, also feel a certain sense of sadness that one of our own has now moved on in these circumstances.

It wouldn’t have taken much for us not to have reached this point at the weekend, but when the Football God’s appear to conspire against you (or incompetent referees and poor individual player performances (and I include boot throwing and water bottle kicking bellend Ross Barkley in that)) natural flaws come to the fore and are magnified. Unfortunately for Smith, even his biggest supporters had well founded issues and concerns that he couldn’t seem to work past or address.

Given the sadness expressed by many – and there are way too many comments on both social media and even our own Vital Villa Forum for me to repeat here – I think three key Villans can sum the mood up perfectly with their reactions to the news.

After all my babbling, I think they sum my feelings up perfectly.

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