Date: 3rd April 2006 at 3:22pm
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Well well well, what has gone wrong ?

I never went Saturday, decided to watch it on the telly…. the joys of having a foreign satellite box in your house and the TPS football channel 😉

After 20 minutes of the first half the way we were playing was annoying me more than the silly French commentary. They must show more of Arsenal than there own league on French TV ?

Anyway, quite frankly we were s***. Confidence is severely lacking. Had Phillips scored the chance he had to lob Lehman then things possibly could have been different. Anyway, David if you do happen to read these sites then how about you take a leaf out of Stuart Pearce’s book. He is what you like to call ‘HONEST’. I mean you can’t get more honest than he has been this weekend can you ? BUT when his team play well he ‘PRAISES’ them, unlike yourself…

Next on my agenda, O’, I agree with what the site says 110% but personally its a complete waste of money. Does Ellis even know what the internet is ? I mean, I’ve heard he still uses yoghurt pots and string. He also doesn’t give a monkeys about these sort of managerial ousting campaigns as well.

Finally, a word on Dave himself. You are our worst manager ever, something I never thought could be possible. Your sugarbags and ‘HANDS UP’ tomfoolery, not too mention your honest bunch, pitch too hard, small squad excuses prove beyond doubt that in today’s world of football you are inept both tactically and trying to instil belief. Take a look at yourself, and think how much longer do you wish our hatred toward you grow. Right now its lowest of the low…. and to be fair your future looks more than bleak.

Just be ‘honest’ as you like to put it and walk. If you wish to salvage anything in your shambolic managerial career then try not to insult your own supporters. I’m tired of watching us play the way we do every week, but more importantly I’m sick, sorry and tired of you and the constant drivel and nonsense that dispenses itself from your cakehole every Saturday night on MOTD. Arsenal were different dollars coming off the back of the Juve result, but there was a time when we would go to Highbury and take 3 points. The probability of that happening again you ask ??…….. you shouldn’t even ask.

By Brian Brogden


6 Replies to “Pearce, O’Learyout & Dave Himself”

  • If anyone agrees with me then say. i think O’Leary paid too much respect to Arsenal before the match. yes they are a good team and yes the do have a big history and reputation but is it really going to help your players if you go bigging up the opposition

  • He has done it all season, talking about how great the opponents are, I don’t know many other managers who do the same I must admit.

  • You should hear Sean O’Driscoll – always complaining our opposition are 6’+ and only ever signs anyone between 5′ and 5’6″

  • careful what you wish for, a rumour on the villa website today (tuesday) has Ranieri as favorite to be next villa manager.

  • It is in the press andrew, I can’t see it myself, done an article here on vital saying I doubt that the board will have drawn up a short list just yet!?

  • I cant remember ever hearing or even reading comments made by DOL when he was ruling the roost up at Elland Road, boosting up the domestic or european opponents his ‘babbies’ were about to face. It must be a ‘psychological’ tactic he decided upon early in

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