Date: 4th April 2006 at 9:38am
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Reports in today’s Mirror suggest that ex-Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri will be heading to Aston Villa IF David O’Leary is sacked.

Ok, I’m not sure there is an ‘IF’ in the departure of David O’Leary, if I was him I’d be walking at the end of the season, but if he ends up with a lower points haul that our worst Premiership (45 under Graham Taylor) then surely that will be reason enough for Doug to wield his often unwelcome axe?

The only way I can see David O’Leary surviving is if a new group do finally take over Villa and they decide O’Leary is the future. They might have some explaining to do to convince the fans, but they ‘might’ be able to do it?!

Anyway, the report says that Ranieri is next in line. You have to ask, why? What would the original ‘tinkerman’ have to tinker with at Villa? Are we really to believe that Villa have already made the decision that they need a new manager? Are we then to believe that this board, who seem to be only capable of reactionary actions, not pro-active decisions have drawn up a short list? To stretch it further, are we then expected to believe that this short list has been leaked BEFORE the news of the current managers departure?

Thought not. Interesting though. Seems the press are beyond the ‘will he leave?’ and have moved to the ‘who will replace him?’ phase! Shame we aren’t at the same stage with Ellis.


10 Replies to “The Tinkerman Cometh To Villa!”

  • Would he want to work with Doug? Could he work with Doug? Does this prove the takeover is dead? Is he to similar to DOL? The answer to the first two are probably no the second two are probably yes.

  • I don’t give a stuff if he could work with Doug or not.

    The biggest question is, can he work with the players and get them to reach their potential?

  • He’s a good manager. His only problem was that he did ‘tinker’. With nothing to ‘tinker’ with at the Villa he’d probably do a good job!

  • I think your showing a rather blinkered attitude Murph. If Ranieri can’t work with Doug he will become frustrated and his job will become increasingly hard. It must take a very strong personality to work with Doug. Has Ranieri got? I honestly have no idea

  • I’m not sure on Ranieri. He seems a bit too quiet and reserved to give our lot the kick up the arse they need. Think he’d be another DOL sitting on his arse for 90 minutes without a murmer.

  • Cart before the horse. It doesn’t matter who replaces DOL. After the brief upturn in results we will settle back into the same old same old, regardless of the manager. A board with no ambition won’t back the new man and despite Doug’s empty promises of 20

  • Agree ooahpaulmcgrath, not much point without Ellis going, although I do think if Ellis is staying we need a completely different sort of manager to get us to the mid-table mediocrity that Doug loves. Have sent a quick interview to the Chelsea site edito

  • This has surely to be paper talk and conjecture only. However did Ranieri work for Bates prior to Abramovich. His return to Valencia was nothing short of disasterous. I would be very surprised should he come to VP

  • O’Leary talks sometimes as if he’s completely in the know, and that there is a lot going on behind the scenes relating to a possible summer takeover, and he’s absolutely certain that he will still be the manager come next season. I’ll quite happily settle

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